Keeping Your Car Safe on Summer Roadtrips

Collaborative Post¦ It’s summertime. That means holidays are happening and holidays are being planned. For most, because of the pandemic, staying away from airline travel is a must this season, so road trips are taking over. Whether you are driving across your country, across the continent, or around the area of your home, you are going to want to keep your car safe. There can’t be a road trip without a car. Here is how to keep your car safe while you are roadtripping. 

Don’t Leave Anything In the Car

If you and your family are staying in lodging along the way, empty out the car at night when you turn in. Store everything in your room to ensure that no one will try to steal anything. If a criminal is walking past your car and sees a lot of things they may want to steal, they will just steal the entire car and take everything at once. 

If they choose to break a window to take something, your trip will be delayed to get your car repaired and you will have to contact the authorities to make a report. 

Do You Have Your Key Fob?

More modern cars have key fobs or transponders to immobilise the motor so a car cannot be hotwired. If you leave your key fob in your car, anyone can drive away with it. Make sure you keep the key fob on you at all times. 

If for whatever reason you lose your key fob or transponder, you won’t be able to drive your car, and your trip will be halted in its tracks. You can always find a transponder key replacement in the area that may be able to get you a new fob fast so that you can get back on the road. Keep your fob with you in a safe place.

Take Care of Your Car’s Aesthetics

In addition to the overall mechanical and functional health of your car, it’s also crucial to pay attention to the aesthetics, like the condition of your car’s paint. Minor scratches or chips can happen during a road trip, and these can detract from your car’s appearance. Having a car touch up paint on hand can be a lifesaver in such situations. This nifty tool can repair minor damages on your car’s paintwork easily, ensuring your vehicle continues to look great throughout the journey. Moreover, it can help prevent minor areas of damage from rusting under exposure to summer elements. So, before you leave for your trip, consider investing in a color-matched car touch up paint.

Don’t Park In the Dark

Whenever possible, park in a well lit area that gets a lot of traffic. If you park in the dark away from everyone, there is no one there to keep an eye on your car. Out of sight means anyone can walk up to your car and break in. 

Keep your car in your sight as much as you possibly can so that you know that everything is alright. This is most important when you make a stop to have lunch or do some shopping. Your car is going to be filled with all of your things, so make sure you can see the car from the window. 

Get a Tune Up Before You Go

Make sure your car is in great driving condition before you leave for the trip. Stop at your local mechanic and have your engine, tires, fluids, and brakes checked before you go on your adventure. If you drive an electric car, make sure your battery is okay and that you have planned your trip along a route where there are charging stations.  

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.