How to Personalise Your Wedding

Collaborative Post¦ One of the best ways to ensure that your wedding stands apart from the rest is to put your own unique stamp on it. Wedding traditions may often limit the way you can express yourself, so it might be better to think about how you can incorporate a few personality-filled touches. The most important aspect of getting personalization right is to find things that matter to you both and focus on a small number of details so that you don’t overpower your theme. As a result, this may be a great opportunity to get creative and reflect on shared passions. Within this article, you will find nine ideas to help you personalize your wedding and impress your guests.

Create A Photo Wall

Displaying some meaningful photographs will take you on a trip down memory lane and celebrate this huge relationship milestone. It may be a good idea to set up a dedicated photo wall or photo table, full of important images that tell a story from the past. For example, you can include photos of you and your partner as children, your favorite holiday destinations, milestone moments, and even photos of your parents at their weddings. You can also take the opportunity to pay tribute to family members or friends who are no longer able to join you on the day by displaying a treasured image.

Make Your Own Wedding Playlist

With a personalized playlist, you can make your wedding day unforgettable. Choosing the right songs will set the tone for the entire event. For example, if you’re looking for songs to walk down the aisle to, Greenvelope can help you explore a variety of options depending on your preference. To create a memorable entrance, the song you choose will have to encompass who you are as a couple. In addition to looking at the best songs to walk down the aisle to, you can also find out more about customizing your wedding invitations and stationery to match your personality and wedding theme.

Personalize Your Menu

You can design your food and drinks menu around your relationship. Catering always plays an important role in the overall atmosphere of any wedding. Therefore, it might be helpful to think about the type of food experiences you like to share with each other. For example, if you enjoy a good cheese platter, you can organize a grazing board for your guests to snack on. If both of you share a sweet tooth, it may be a fun idea to organize a gelato cart or dessert bar. Think about a specific dish that reminds you of your first date and ask your caterer if they can replicate it.

Write Your Own Vows

Another creative and intimate way to personalize your wedding is to write your vows. Although this may feel intimidating at first, it will provide you with a rare opportunity to share how you feel about each other. Focus on writing from the heart instead of copying someone else’s words, and be sure to ask a friend with an eye for great prose to help you edit and polish your vows. Remember to practice before the big day and don’t be afraid to inject a bit of humor to make your ceremony just as fun as your reception.

Make A Speech

Although wedding speeches are usually made by your parents, best man, and maid of honor, adding a speech from the couple might be a nice way to set the tone for the celebration. This way, you will have another chance to show your appreciation for your loved ones. Moreover, you can mention any guests who have made an effort to travel to your big day, helped you with wedding preparations, or just supported your relationship over the years. You can also share funny anecdotes and give a personal toast to your partner. No matter what you decide to say, it’s important to thank the right people and keep your guests engaged.

Prepare Welcome Packs

While weddings are expensive, it would still be a nice gesture to put together welcome packs for your guests, who are coming out of town. This is an affordable idea, that can make your guests feel welcome and appreciated. You can include quick routes into and out of town, details of accommodation and restaurants in the area, and a small gift. Not only will it make them smile, but it can also provide them with some useful information, such as what’s on in town and a few local phone numbers, if they’re staying overnight.

Design Unique Jewelry

Designing your own jewelry is a great way to create memories on your special day. For example, you can design custom engagement rings or create matching bracelets or earrings. You can also use engraving to add your initials, date, or a message that is personal to you. It’s possible that your guests might not notice these small details, but it will surely mean the world to you. As a result, you will be wearing a unique piece of jewelry that nobody else on earth has, which can add a special sense of intimacy.

Include Personal Table Settings

There are many ways to create personal table settings, that will amaze your guests. For example, if you share a common hobby or an interest like reading, you can put some hardbacks in the reception area. Also, if both of you love movies, you can simply add some film memorabilia to the tables. Alternatively, you can switch up your table numbers by using dedicated names that reflect parts of your relationship instead of standard numbers. You can name the tables after countries you have visited, meaningful dates you have had, or your favorite movie titles.

Put A Twist On Tradition

Lastly, remember that you should focus on doing things that you want instead of worrying about traditions. While some wedding traditions might be sweet and sentimental, others may not be your style. For instance, you can get both of your parents to escort you down the aisle or use a button or brooch bouquet instead of fresh flowers. Many of these changes will make your wedding more exciting as well. The end result will be a wedding that feels unique, authentic, and personal to you and your partner.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.