Tips For Designing A Luxury WFH Office

Collaborative Post¦ The office has invaded our homes and what seemed to be a temporary takeover is here to stay. As such, we need to start designing our WFH spaces with the same enthusiasm that we do the rest of our interiors. Goodbye rudimentary, drab offices and hello to luxury desks and chairs!

Luxury Office Checklist

We know you have good taste, your stunning living room is testament to this. Now, let the exquisite styling in your home transcend into your office by following these few simple steps.

Location, Location

By all means, avoid tucking your office away in a dark forgotten corner of your house. Your workspace should inspire you, so if possible, set up your desk in a room or area that has access to a beautiful view and lots of natural light. When you have found your spot, place your desk against a suitable background for your video calling.

Let There Be Light

Lighting plays a massive role in our productivity. Bad lighting can trigger exhaustion, anxiety and headaches. Cool blue and white lights are the best for concentration.

Consider adding a stylish desk lamp and adjustable lights and you will find it easier to get through long periods of work. An added bonus of good lighting is that you will look great in your video meetings!

Ergonomic & Stylish

Your most important purchases will be your desk and chair. These two pieces will set the tone for your office design. However, aesthetics alone are not enough, your designer office furniture needs to be comfortable.

Fortunately, we are seeing fabulous designs come up for ergonomic office furniture which marry style and functionality. Make an effort to visit showrooms and try out different pieces until you find the one that’s right for you.

Hide The Cables

No matter how well considered your office is, the sight of messy cables will immediately eliminate any feel of luxury from it. Invest in wireless charging and pop up plug sockets.

Alternatively, using cable grommets, cable boxes and cord covers will help in concealing cables effectively.

Bring The Outside In

A simple way to elevate any room is to add some living plants to it. The office is no different. Greenery won’t only look great, it will help clean the air, boost creativity and reduce stress. Peace lilies, cacti and aloe are great low maintenance options for even the busiest persons.

If You Need It, Keep It Close

Luxury is about convenience. Have a think about your typical work day and figure out all the things you require to get through it. These necessities should be included in close proximity to your desk. This may include:

Finally, every luxury office needs a sanctuary, a place where you can take a breather – and what better way to do it than a luxury sofa? You can find a great range of modern sofas at FCI London.

Now Get to Work!

Now that you know how to transform your work from home office, there is no excuse for boring workspaces. Enjoy designing your space. You will be surprised just how much more productive working remotely will be in your luxury home office.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.