7 Oral Hygiene Habits To Teach Your Kids

Collaborative Post¦ When it comes to supporting your child’s health and development, oral hygiene plays a huge role in this. As your child’s teeth start to grow in, teaching them oral hygiene habits will ensure they take great care of their teeth and gums and ensure dental checkups are a breeze. With that in mind, here are some habits you can teach your kids today.

How to Brush Properly

There are many brushing dos and don’ts, which means it can be difficult to ensure your child is brushing their teeth correctly. Thankfully, it’s not as complicated as you think. Teach them to use gentle up and down motions, and make sure they’re reaching the gum line. If you’re asking yourself the question, where is the best dentist near me? Then look no further than Corn Market Dental. They are a dental practice in Wimborne who are committed to helping people of all ages maintain excellent oral health.

Use a Timer

Your child needs to brush their teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes every time. We all know how quickly kids can get bored, so you need to make things fun, so they stay committed to brushing. One way to do this is by putting their favourite song on. They can also use a timer when brushing so they reach the 2-minute mark. Some toothbrushes have a timer feature built-in which can be a huge help.

Supervise While Brushing

When your child is brushing their teeth, not only will you want to be there to ensure they’re using the correct techniques, but young children tend to swallow toothpaste. Supervising them will make sure they’re using the right amount of toothpaste and that they rinse their mouth properly at the end.

Floss Daily

Flossing is a core step in any oral hygiene routine. This stops plaque from building up along your kid’s gum line and between teeth. However, getting your child to floss is easier said than done. Thankfully, there are many fun flossing sticks your kids can use which can make it easier for them to reach in between each tooth.

Change Toothbrush Regularly

Over time, toothbrushes become less effective at eradicating plaque. Your child isn’t going to know when it’s time for a new one, so teach them to look out for signs of wear and tear. Things to look out for include flat, worn, or splayed-looking bristles.

Limit Sugary and Acidic Food and Drink

If kids had it their way, their entire diet would be sweets, doughnuts, and fizzy pop. While the odd treat won’t do your child any harm, too much sugar can be disastrous for their teeth and gums. Now is the time to teach your children the importance of following a balanced diet and limiting how much sugary and acidic food and drink they have. Now is the time to teach your children the importance of following a balanced diet and limiting how much sugary and acidic food and drink they have. If they do not, they might require expert dental help, and if you want to know how much does orthodontist treatment cost then ask your local practice.  

Drink Lots of Water

You may not know it, but a dry mouth can cause plaque build-up. Therefore, encouraging your kids to drink more water during the day is great for promoting good oral hygiene. As long as they’re drinking water when they wake up, at school, and during the evening, this helps their mouth produce enough saliva to keep their teeth protected.

Teaching your kids the importance of caring for their teeth and gums early on is important. With a bit of help and guidance, they’ll soon learn the value of doing the steps listed, especially once their adult teeth grow in.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.