How do I choose a gardener?

Collaborative Post¦ Having a nice garden can be good for a number of reasons. This can give your children a safe, outdoor space to play in, allow you to relax and enjoy the sunshine, and even provide the ideal location for barbecues and parties. However, to gain that tranquil space, you may first need to make some changes. This may especially be the case if weeds have grown rampant over the years. If the job is rather large, or you want significant changes, you may benefit from hiring a gardener. Choosing one can be a rather simple process.

Use the internet

One of the simplest ways you can find a gardener can be to look online. Checkatrade has a number of legitimate gardening businesses and sole traders on its site. This can then direct you to their website, as well as basic contact details. One of the benefits of using a site like Checkatrade is that you might be able to view reviews from previous clients. These may be more reliable than those you might find on the company’s own site, and may also have responses from the gardener. Due to this, you may be able to figure out if that company is able to meet your needs, and if they are likely to operate professionally. You could even upload your own testimonial following the job, to allow others to know the positive and negative aspects of that company.

Think about the job

You may need to consider the type of person you require for the role. If your garden needs weeding, mowing, and planting, you may be able to use a standard gardener. However, for digging, as well as fencing or even patio laying, you might be better off opting for a landscaper. At times, you may find that the two crossover, so it is entirely possible that a gardener may be able to undertake basic landscaping jobs. Being clear on your requirements can help you to find the most suitable person for the role. If a company states that they aren’t able to deliver those results, or you don’t feel confident speaking to them, that could be an indicator that you need to look elsewhere.

Speak to neighbours and friends

While you might want to use the aforementioned reviews to help you make a decision, you may feel slightly hesitant in taking a stranger’s opinion to heart. This is where those in your local community could be of aid. You might want to ask your neighbours and friends for recommendations, especially if they have recently had their own garden work completed. Using these word of mouth reviews, and then cross-referencing them with those you find online, could help you to feel more assured of the company you choose.

Having your garden tidied up, or changed completely, could help you to make more use of the space. One great way to do so can be to get someone else to do the hard graft. This way, you may also be able to see your garden as relaxing, rather than a lot of work.

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