Great Reasons to Consider Installing a New Boiler in Your Home

Collaborative Post¦ Your boiler is responsible for keeping your home warm and cosy. When it’s chilly outside, we don’t take a second thought to switch our radiators on. But, if you’ve noticed an increase in energy bills or your home isn’t heating up as quickly as it used to, it may be time to look into installing a new boiler.

An inefficient, old boiler won’t cut the mustard in 2022. While replacing your boiler may seem like a troublesome and expensive task, it will start paying for itself the moment it’s installed. There are an array of benefits to changing an outdated boiler, such as those listed below.

Improved Efficiency

Over the years, your boiler will naturally become less efficient. This means it may struggle to heat your home properly. Investing in a brand-new boiler will instantly create a more comfortable and warmer atmosphere in your property. If your boiler is working harder to heat your home, this is not only a nuisance but could see you paying a fortune in energy bills. Once you’ve decided it’s time for a new boiler, Duffy Heating can help. They are specialists in boiler replacements across Dublin.

Cost Effective

In many instances where your boiler is no longer working, replacing it may be the most cost-effective solution to consider. Some parts of your boiler may be too expensive or obsolete for repair. Rather than going down this route and paying over the odds, getting a new boiler installed will work out cheaper in the long run. You’ll also have a warranty that protects you should your new boiler break down or you run into any issues.


One of the most important reasons of all – your new boiler will be safer. If you’ve got young kids in the home, in particular, their health and safety will come first. An old, inefficient boiler can quickly become faulty and even emit carbon monoxide. This is highly dangerous and could prove fatal. Modern boilers are much safer, which will bring you peace of mind knowing your loved ones aren’t in harm’s way. 

However, for your safety, you should also make sure it is installed by a professional. For example, if you decide to have your boiler installed by PM247, you can rest easy knowing PM247 use fully certified Gas Safe heating engineers, and thus the work will be completed to a high standard. Incorrect installation is a huge safety risk in itself, so always check your engineer’s credentials and preferably also look for other customers’ feedback. Incorrect installation is a huge safety risk in itself, so always check your engineer’s credentials and preferably also look for other customer’s feedback. 

Control of Temperature

New gas boilers, usually combined with heating controls enable the user to set the desired temperature. This is great news for those who live with others as you can be much more precise with how much heat you need for each area of the home. You will save tons of money, without forfeiting comfort.

Makes Your Home More Attractive

For those looking to sell their property in the near future, your focus will be on undertaking home renovation work to get your abode ready for viewers. If there’s one task that will pay off, it’s getting a new boiler. A new A-rated boiler will make your property more attractive to buyers, as well as improve its efficiency rating.

The process of purchasing a new boiler can be daunting initially, so if you’re considering a boiler replacement, the reasons above are sure to sway your mind in the right direction. Whatever kind of boiler you decide on, you’ll begin reaping these benefits immediately.

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