Review: Untamed – food cats will go wild for!

Gifted¦ We’re a nation of animal lovers, with well over half of us in the UK having a pet. Just over a quarter of us have at least one cat! I’m sure most of those households, like me, see those cats as their furry children. Therefore, it’s only natural to want to do your best for them. This includes their diet. I’ve often worried about whether my Maisie is getting enough nutrition and worry about whether her food is akin to junk food. When Untamed approached me, I was really interested in their different take on cat food. Let’s take a further look…

Benefits of Untamed

  • Vet-formulated
  • Probably as close to a natural diet as your pet can get – no addictive sugars or additives!
  • Prime cuts of human-grade whole meats
  • Twice the protein of industry standard food
  • No need to freeze or defrost
  • Ethical
  • 100% recyclable
  • Plan tailored to your cat’s likes and needs
  • Free next day delivery
  • Cancel at any time

Untamed cat food flavours

Maisie’s Thoughts

The leaflet that accompanied the food recommended putting a little Untamed at the side of your cat’s usual food for a couple of days. This is to entice them to try some. Maisie, however, didn’t need any convincing. She immediately ignored her usual food to tuck straight into the Untamed. The look on her face says it all!

Cat eating Untamed cat food

After a few days of having a little at the side, then some mixed in with her usual food, Maisie was ready to have just pure Untamed for her breakfast. She didn’t fuss over it at all. She quickly cleared the bowl. No to-ing and fro-ing like usual, she just stayed there and ate until every last bit was gone.

Cat eating Untamed tuna cat food

Maisie received fish flavours, as I specified she’s particularly fond of fish. There was a good variety and she has enjoyed every single one!

My Thoughts

I love that Untamed is real meat, just like the natural diet cats would eat if they hadn’t been domesticated. I feel confident that she’s getting all the nutrition and protein she needs in her diet. It’s great to see her tucking in to good food, not licking at congealed jelly on strange processed looking chunks of meat. You just know they’re jam-packed full of fillers and additives too. However, Untamed is gently steamed, locking all the goodness in. It actually looks good enough for humans to eat.

It makes sense that it would be easier to digest. Maisie goes to the toilet outside, but if your cat does use a litter tray, this apparently means it won’t get as messy. Yay! After a couple of months of Untamed, cats should have more energy and after 4 months they should have a shinier coat and less hairballs. In the long-term, this cat food has lots of health benefits for kitties and should naturally control their weight too. Good news all round!

I’m pleased that Maisie seems happy with it and I look forward to seeing the health benefits shining through. Plus, she seems fuller as she isn’t pestering us for food as often. I’m hoping she’s stopped sneaking into next door and eating our neighbour’s cat’s food too!

I’m increasingly eco-conscious, so it’s a fantastic bonus that the packaging is recyclable too.

Disclosure: We received samples of Untamed in exchange for this review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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