What Happens When You Don’t Take Time For Yourself

Collaborative Post¦ Taking time for yourself is something each and everyone of us needs to do. But you’re a busy mum, and that means you’ve got maybe 5 minutes per day to dedicate entirely for yourself. What are you to do here? Well, when those moments do come your way, you should grab them for all they’re worth and use that time to your own advantage. 

If you don’t, it’s easy to feel down and out about your own body, and that doesn’t do you or the kids any favours at all! To help you out with such a monumental task, we’ve listed below both the signs and solutions to not taking time for yourself. 

Even a slightly longer bathtime routine is a great start!

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Burnout Becomes a Serious Health Issue

Burnout can happen to everyone; when you’re stressed out and anxious, having to work hard and run around after other people can do a number on your mental and physical health. And at some point, the ball drops and you feel like you’re having a breakdown. You may get over emotional and cry all the time, or become unresponsive and just want to lay in bed all day – the reactions can vary, but they’re all caused by burnout. 

But what should you do to tackle this issue? The first thing is being able to recognize burnout and stop it in its tracks. When you notice things getting on top of you, or you feel like you never want to go outside again, take the day for yourself and focus on you. Relax, do something fun, get some more sleep, eat a slap up meal, etc. These are all activities that can help you get things back on track before derailing entirely. 

You’re Far More Likely to Sustain an Injury

It’s easy to rush around and trip over yourself when you’re never taking time to just stop and be. You’re also far more likely to be clumsy, as a busy mind is an uncoordinated one, and that can lead to a lot more cuts, scrapes, and bruises. You might wake up one day and find yourself covered in unexplained nicks and marks and wonder what hedge you’ve been dragged through! 

Indeed, you may even run into a more serious accident if your schedule keeps up like this. As such, you might want to keep a name like Aston Knight Solicitors in your contacts just in case you get injured when you’re behind the wheel, at home, or at work; a busy parent takes their responsibilities everywhere and that can get dangerous. You may also want to commit to ‘cleaning as you go’ when you’re around the house – just pick up things when you see them on the floor and you’re far less likely to trip, fall, and end up with another scar. 

Your Emotions Can Bottle Up

If you’re never taking time to get in touch with yourself, your emotions can get out of whack and bottle up all ready to explode. And one day they will, you can bet on that! It might feel cathartic in the moment, but you’ll feel terrible afterwards, and you might just burn a few bridges along the way. 


However, you don’t want to rant and rave at your loved ones, and you don’t want to head to bed angry. Instead, give yourself an outlet that can be done in the little moments. For example, when you’re commuting and have a hand spare, whip your phone out and write down your feelings in the notes app. The paper can’t judge you, and you can say what you like!

Life Can Feel Like it’s Stagnating

And finally, if you’re never stopping to do a bit of self care or mindfulness, life can feel like it’s stuck in place. You don’t know where you’ve come from or where you’re going because you have no time to reflect on things. You don’t see the progress you’ve made, and you can’t focus on the good things headed your way. 

Thankfully, this one is an easier fix than the others. All you need is that original 5 minutes to sit down, shut your eyes, and think about what you’ve got in your life. What have you done? Who do you love? What can you do next? It doesn’t take long and it’s a very comforting thing to do. 


Make sure you keep the above in mind the next time you’ve got a spare minute on your hands. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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