5 ‘Me-Time’ Ideas to Try for Busy Moms

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Collaborative Post¦ Being a mom could be the most rewarding job you’ll ever have. While you wouldn’t trade it for anything, you still need balance in your life. It’s critical to take care of yourself to be a healthy mom. Finding your ‘me-time’ might be easier said than done, but it’s doable. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are five suggestions to help you make that time in your daily routine.

Watch Your Favourite TV Series

This is probably everyone’s favourite, but binge-watching your favourite TV show is one of the best things to do. It’s not just Netflix shows that you can watch; other streaming devices, such as Hulu and Apple TV, provide a wide selection of movies and TV shows. Grab your popcorn and homemade sandwiches, settle in for the next 30 to 60 minutes.

When you watch a movie, you are releasing all the stress from your daily routine. Comedy shows are even better because they lift your mood. It will be a wonderful time as well for you to bond and grow closer if you decide to watch movies with your husband. Interested in what other people are watching and their TV habits? For cable tv statistics click here.

Keep a Journal

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As a mother, it’s easy to get carried away at times. Make journal writing a habit of yours. Jot down what happens day to day and put down your thoughts on certain experiences. Before you know it, you’ve organised and made your thoughts more visible.

If you are an early riser, set aside some time to keep an affirmation diary. Consider what you are grateful for the day and how you intend to deal with it. This will keep your mind in a positive state. By writing them in a diary, you can track your progress and stay motivated to keep working on your next milestone.

Exercise Regularly

After a long day at the office, unwind yourself from all the stress and tension by doing some exercise. It doesn’t have to be going to the gym and working out until you are sore the next day. It can be as simple as a dance workout, jogging around the neighbourhood, or a stroll through the park. If you want to include the kids, head to the swimming pool and play with them. Playing together will get you moving and meet some of your physical needs while also being fun.

Aside from that, begin your day with 20 minutes of yoga, stretching, or light exercise before grabbing a freshly brewed cup of coffee from the coffee machine. It will be a nice way to start the day feeling refreshed and focused.

Read a Book

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Arrange some time to read a book. Make a cup of your favourite tea and read a book of your choice, whether it’s a romance or a memoir. Anything that puts your mind at ease.

It can be challenging to develop a regular reading habit, especially if you’ve been a busy mom in recent years. To fix this, open your phone’s calendar and set the time for the reading session. Read for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day and commit to it until you complete reading. If you’re busy throughout the day, before bedtime or early in the morning are also a lovely time. Reading online can be tricky with all of the apps distracting you, so consider a physical copy or a Kindle instead.

Take a Nap

Nothing is more valuable than a sound sleep, but that won’t be the case if you have active children around. Therefore, take a power nap after lunch, when the kids are all settled in for the day. Rest your mind and body for a few minutes during the afternoon slump. Power naps are useful to boost alertness and memory while also relieving stress and exhaustion.

A healthy power nap should be between 15 and 30 minutes long. When having a nap, lie down somewhere peaceful and central such as the living room where you can hear all of the children. Put on an eye mask or something calming to help you relax, and turn on a fan to make low repetitive noise.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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