3 Meaningful Ways To Help Others Even If You Are A Busy Mum

Collaborative Post¦ As a busy mummy, you might have little time to spend with others because your entire schedule is occupied with responsibilities waiting to be attended to. The BBC reports that about 74% of busy mums are already engaged in active work outside the home. Indeed, you might have a burning desire to offer meaningful help to others but probably have no idea how to carry that out. This article discusses a few ways to help others and be satisfied with doing something meaningful.

  • Volunteer 

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Volunteerism is entirely about committing your time to help others in diverse ways. It can also be described as community service. The exciting part about volunteer work is the flexibility it comes with. Additionally, it includes a socialising aspect that you may enjoy while giving your time as a gift to others. Volunteering is an extensive field, and depending on what you want to do, it is not challenging to find something you can enjoy doing.

For instance, you can volunteer at a food bank, local school, animal shelter, or anywhere else where help is needed. Even better, you can do this for as long as you want to. Thanks to technology and digitisation, you can find several volunteer jobs that allow new people to come on board with a few clicks of the button. The only thing you have to do is sign up for the role and plan how you intend to spread out your schedule. If you’re lucky, you can sign up for weeks or months, depending on what you want and how it fits into your schedule.

  • Help others improve their self-image

Believe it or not, people struggle with self-image at some point in their lives. Statistics indicate that most people struggle with body image issues. It could include issues with their skin, hair, height, or other physical attributes. Identifying the exact issue with their self-image is the first step to helping them. For example, if someone is insecure about their weight, they can exercise to achieve their goals. If you have some expertise in this area, you can organise classes to help, considering safety. For example, if you want to teach pilates, consider taking a Pilates certification test to secure accreditation before guiding others to tone their muscles and body in general.

  • Donate to a worthy cause

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Gone are the days when only a few charities run donations. Today, countless credible organisations run worthy charities you can trust. More so, these are establishments you can research on the internet to learn something about their track record. This is particularly important if you intend to donate to an online charity. Be sure to know where the money is going and how it would be used. If you care to know, many people have fallen victim to organised crimes posed as charities

The exciting thing about donating to a cause is that it provides emotional satisfaction for the giver. If you cannot donate much to a cause, you still have options to explore. For example, if it is your birthday or another special occasion, you can ask friends and family to donate in your name to these charities instead of presenting you with gifts.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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