11 Tips How You Can Get Your Home Market Ready

Collaborative Post¦ When you want to sell your house, the first thing that people see is its front appearance. So you might ask yourself, “How can I improve my home’s curb appeal?”

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You can do several things to ensure that your home will be inviting to potential buyers. For example, you can plant flowers or create an appealing landscape with shrubs and trees. You should also clean up the yard of any clutter or debris, mow the lawn regularly, remove weeds, paint your house exterior in neutral colours according to your local climate zone, and make sure your home’s roof isn’t leaking.

Here Are 11 Tips On How You Can Improve Your Home Curb Appeal

1. Clean Up

Cleaning up your yard is probably the quickest way to increase the value of your home. Remove items that are taking up space in the yard and repair any damaged landscaping. If you need help doing this, try looking for landscapers in Victoria BC or wherever you live for a bit of professional assistance. 

2. Make Sure Your Roof Isn’t Leaking

Fixing a leaky roof can actually be quite easy. However, if you’re willing to take some time to research possible solutions, such as steel roofing that could save you a lot of money in the long run. Nonetheless, if you are in two minds about what the best thing is to do, it’s worth asking yourself first whether to reroof or replace roof.

3. Plant Flowers

One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s curb appeal is simply adding flowers or other plants along the walkway or driveway near your front door.

4. Mow Regularly

Mow your lawn regularly to prevent weeds from growing between grass blades. Most people prefer having short, neatly-cut grass rather than tall grass with weeds sticking out at odd angles.

5. Clean Windows

A clean window makes your home look more attractive and allows potential buyers to see that it is in good condition. You can easily get started with your own window cleaner by mixing four parts water, one part vinegar, and half a part dish soap in a spray bottle. Of course, you may discover when doing this that, actually, you would be better off replacing your windows – should this be the case, you can call someone like this Windows Greensboro company to come out and get this sorted so that you can impress potential buyers and maybe even add value to your home.

6. Paint The Exterior

Another effortless way to increase your home’s curb appeal is by painting its exterior with neutral colours. The paint should match the local climate zone where you live, not chip or peel too quickly.

7. Make Sure Gutters Are Clear Of Debris

Clogged gutters mean that water isn’t flowing away from your house properly, which eventually leads to leaks inside the walls. Regularly check your gutters and clean them out if necessary.

8. Get Rid Of Clutter

Replacing old newspapers and magazines with a wicker basket or other attractive container can help eliminate unnecessary clutter. You should also avoid leaving personal items such as bicycles, lawnmowers, and trash cans sitting in the yard.

9. Add Accents To Your Landscaping

Try adding some accent pieces such as birdbaths, small fountains, unique statues, picnic tables, or benches around your garden to give it a more well-defined character. If you’re looking for something that will provide shade during hotter months, consider planting trees or constructing an arbour.

10. Use Flowers To Add Colour

Whether you plant annuals or perennials, colourful flowers can help brighten up your lawn and make it look more attractive. You’ll probably want to avoid planting any brightly-coloured plants in the beds around your house, however, because too much colour can be overwhelming and detract from its appearance.

11. Tidy Up The Exterior Of Garages

Paint over any stains on garage doors and install new weather stripping if necessary to prevent drafts. It would be best to repair leaky gutters here since water often flows through the roof and damages insulation inside.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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