Personalised Number plate as a Christmas gift

Sponsored Post¦ Are you struggling to think of a special Christmas gift for someone? I know that feeling too well. There’s only so many times in a row you can buy someone socks and mugs, after all! Something you may not have even thought about is a personalised number plate. It’s not necessarily something that most people would buy for themselves, but something that most people would absolutely love to receive as a gift.

Where to start

Thinking about your budget is the best place to start first. Not all personalised number plates are equal! Generally speaking, the shorter they are the more expensive they will be. They will also be pricier if they are dateless. Use a search to take a look at if the number plate you have in mind or similar is available, as well as what the price would be.

Bear in mind, you may also be able to get a better deal buying a personalised plate second hand!

Choosing a plate

Do you think the recipient would rather have a plate with their name on or to do with their car? The only problem with the latter is if they’re likely to change vehicle in the future. Although, they could sell the plate along with it. However, say the number plate is vRS related and they’ve already been a diehard Skoda Octavia vRS fan for a decade, it is likely to last them a long time!

If you’re opting for a name related plate, be creative and use numbers that resemble letters. For example, a 4 for an A or 8 for a B. This will help you to get a personalised plate that is a bit more wallet friendly! Some of the numbers used could be numbers that are special to them. Think lucky numbers or special dates!

Whatever you choose, it is sure to be a special gift they cherish for years to come.

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