Creating the perfect gallery wall with Desenio

Gifted & Sponsored ¦ For years, I’ve been toying with the idea of a gallery wall. Done right, they look amazing. Yet I’ve always shied away from it for the fear of putting holes in the wall only for it to end up looking cluttered and not as I envisioned. Last November, we moved house and we’ve just got to the point where we can actually start decorating soon (hooray!) Ahead of this, I’ve been using Desenio’s fantastic gallery wall tool to collate some of their beautiful prints into the perfect gallery wall for my bedroom.

Creating my gallery wall

The gallery wall tool is so simple and helps you to achieve a beautiful gallery wall in 4 steps. After choosing a background for the first step, there are 10 layouts of frames to choose from.

Once you have chosen, you can apply prints to them to see what they would look like together. You can change these around as much as you’d like to! There’s a handy filter and favourite tool to make it easier to find what you want. I also appreciated that you can save your design to come back to it later. When you are ready, you can choose frames (or forgo them if you’d rather) and proceed to the checkout.

I really enjoyed the process of playing around with different combinations of prints. Eventually, I settled on a chilled out, beachy vibe for our wall art.


Bearing in mind they were coming from Sweden, my prints and frames arrived really quickly. I think it only took 3 days! It was all very well packaged and the print quality was very good.

Desenio sea prints

The minimalistic design of the frames is absolutely perfect for a gallery wall. They each come with both portrait and landscape hangings on them already, so hanging them is straightforward.

My wall

After putting each of the prints in their frames, I assembled them together. They looked brilliant and I was so excited to get them up on the wall even though we’re not ready to decorate our room yet! As such, we’ve put them up with command strips for now so that I can still enjoy them in the interim.

Desenio gallery wall

The gallery wall looks just as good as it did on the preview in the gallery wall tool. In fact, I’d say it looks better! I’m really pleased with the whole process and the result. I’m not sure I could have created a gallery wall like this left to my own devices. Certainly not as easily, anyway! When you have such a busy day to day life like I do, Desenio’s lovely variety of prints and this tool really take the hard work out of beautifully adorning your walls.

There are so many beautiful possibilities for every room of the house. I can’t wait until my bedroom is properly decorated so my gallery wall has the presentation it deserves. In the meantime, I’m enjoying being inspired by some of the combinations on Desenio’s insta:

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