4 Ways To Use Technology For Optimal Productivity

Collaborative Post¦ Technology has been a significant player for business for the last couple of decades. Businesses have benefited from being able to send and receive messages instantly and having access to other resources that can help them stay productive. This blog post will explore four technological advancements that you can use to maximize your productivity in today’s digital age.

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1 Utilise Helpful Software

Technology is there to help you. You can easily time track and manage your team’s work schedules, with rostering software australia for instance, being used to effectively manage employees who work on shifts and rotas for maximum efficiency. There are also automation apps that will monitor the progress of a project for you so that it is updated as soon as changes happen. This allows you to focus on other tasks instead of manually correcting them, which reduces time spent doing repetitive work. To save even more time, use an email autoresponder app such as Boomerang or follow-up Automator. Messages get sent automatically after a set period ensuring nothing gets missed in the process.


2 Invest in a Quality Laptop

Business professionals are often required to travel, which can amount to a lot of time spent in transit. To avoid being unproductive during this time, you should invest in a high-quality laptop that is lightweight and easy to carry around. A sturdy design ensures your computer will withstand the wear and tear caused by commuting while also giving it an attractive appearance. There are plenty of affordable options available on the market today, including highly efficient 13” MacBooks. Although, remember you’ll need to regularly clean your hard drive to keep it in tip-top shape, so when you find yourself wondering what you can do, do some research and get it done.


3 Manage Passwords Effectively 

There are many benefits to using a password manager app such as Dashlane; for example, passwords can be automatically inserted into websites and apps, saving you from remembering them all. In addition, most of these applications can generate secure passwords that are difficult for others to guess. While this is highly convenient, it does come with security risks, so make sure your master passphrase (the one used to unlock your account) isn’t easy enough for someone else to figure out. A unique set of random words strung together works best to keep information safe and secure without interfering too much with productivity levels.


4 Take advantage of Free Applications 

There are plenty of free apps available on the market today that can help you manage your workflow efficiently. Business professionals have used many of these applications for years and continue to be popular among entrepreneurs. Some examples include Evernote, in which sick note-taking users can store notes in a digital notebook online while also allowing them to sync them with other devices such as their smartphone or tablet. Other tools worth checking out include WordPress, which will enable individuals to create blogs from scratch without any technical knowledge needed.


Technology has been a significant player for business in the last couple of decades. As a result, companies have benefited from having access to resources that can help them stay productive.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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