The Reasons Why You Should Charter a Private Jet

Collaborative Post¦  Flying will get you everywhere. That is almost true, and more likely when you fly by private jet. Companies are increasingly adding the kinds of destinations onto their travel lists that commercial airlines cannot include for one reason or another. Private runways make it possible for private jets to land in more locations.

To charter yourself a private jet is as easy as obtaining a quotation on the Jettly website. They are a well-known provider of private jets for private and commercial travel. Whether you are looking to get back into holiday mode or needing to travel on business, they can cater to your needs with speed, efficiency, and luxury.

Time Factor

Much time can be saved when you use private jets as opposed to commercial airlines for booking your travel. The problem we face at airports is always having to be there so early not to miss a flight that has invariably been delayed, anyway. The number one reason why flights are delayed will be the weather. Weather conditions would seem to be out of anyone’s control, but much of the bad weather can be avoided by flying higher and above the clouds. This is only possible with a private jet. They can fly at approximately 41,000 feet, compared to an altitude of 35,000 feet that commercial airliners will on average cruise at. Some private jets will even fly at heights of 45,000 feet.

When you charter a private jet, you get to choose the time of the flight. This can fit in better with the destination arrangements. Coordination between activities is easier when you can time things better.

Private jets will allow you to arrive at a destination faster than commercial airliners will. This is due to their ability to handle bad weather better, as mentioned, and because they will fly more direct. A larger private jet will mean fewer or no fuel stops are required due to the size of its tank. You can weigh this up with the number of passengers you are looking to accommodate. A smaller jet will, however, be more cost-effective for smaller groups. Many business and holiday trips will be short trips requiring small jets and still not requiring any fuel stops because of the distance.

To Feel Comfortable

Feeling comfortable will help us to relax. Even on a short flight, we want to feel comfortable. It puts us in a better mood for our arrival. We want to be able to say to someone that we enjoyed our flight. We can say that when we have chartered a private jet and experienced the luxury that is provided. The seats are comfortable, there is plenty of legroom, and you will feel comfortable in a smaller group of people who you know.

It is only extroverts who desire the goldfish bowl effect and want to be around lots of people when they travel. For most of us, we prefer our own company when we travel and just like to sit quietly and enjoy the views. That is our entertainment. Then, when we feel tired we can just go off to sleep without thinking about others around us.

Privacy is a part of comfort. With private jet travel, you will have that on the flight and during the period before you board the plane. A separate terminal slightly away from the main area of the airport will take care of that. You might have seen people getting on a small plane like that and wondered what it would be like. Well, you can experience it too by checking out a private jet provider. They can provide you with all the information if you are new to this.


If you like things just how you like them, then private jet companies can tailor a flight to your needs or the needs of your company. That can be your business, or company as in friends, relatives, or colleagues. They will do their best to accommodate your personal needs and phobias. This process will start by selecting the most suitable jet for your needs, depending on how many people you have booked it for and how far you are planning on venturing.


To conclude, we should charter a private jet rather than use another form of air, land, or sea travel, because they offer a time factor that speeds things up and will fit in better with our commitments and flexible arrangements. We can feel comfortable in the luxury that private jet travel provides. We can also individualize our travel to meet our requirements and those of our guests.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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