Last Minute Holiday Tips for the Perfect Family Trip

Collaborative Post¦ Are all of your friends and family talking endlessly about their summer plans? Do you sit jealously listening as they talk about where they are going in just a few weeks time? Excitedly sharing their ideas for their trip, telling you all about the places that they will be visiting and dragging you around the shops looking for bikinis, sunscreen and other packing essentials? Knowing that you’ve got nothing booked and nothing more than days in your local park and picnics in the garden to look forward to.

Well, while there is nothing wrong with picnics in the park and days out at local tourist attractions, heading away for a few days as a family can be a beautiful thing, especially while your children are young. Watching them see new parts of the world can be magical. They explore the world with such innocent joy, seeing adventure everywhere, and it’s contagious. You’ll see and do more than you’d ever have thought when travelling with a young child. Of course, it’s also a chance to catch up with your partner, get some much-needed rest and give yourself a little TLC. Fortunately, even if you’ve got nothing booked, it’s not too late. Here are some tips for a successful last minute trip.

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Get on the Road

You don’t need to head to the other side of the world for a fantastic family break. There is plenty to do and see in your own country. If you’ve been considering a new car, this could be the perfect time to visit, alternatively, get your own vehicle checked out, or hire a car for your trip. If you’ve got transport, it’s never too late. All you need is some time off, and you can hit the road for a break. Check out these tips for keeping your little one happy on a long trip

Try Camping

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Most of us think that toddlers and young children are too young for camping, but there’s no magical age when they are suddenly ready. In fact, young kids often enjoy camping more than older ones. They don’t mind the loss of technology, they’re happy about sleeping on the floor, and it all seems like a massive outdoor adventure. While large chains of campsites might book up in advance, there are plenty of other options if you are happy just to pitch up a tent and get stuck in.

Stay with Family

To you, visiting family in other parts of the country might not seem like much of a holiday. But, the kids will love getting plenty of extra attention and getting to visit different parks and attractions, and you’ll have some extra help with childcare and chores. It can be ideal.

Or, if you’ve got friends and family that live by the beach, and are going away for a week or two in the summer, would they let you house sit while they are gone? This can offer a cheap holiday and a fantastic base, where your family will be comfortable and safe.

Check Last Minute Deals

Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to make the most of last minute deals. If you’ve got school-aged kids or an inflexible job, you might be tied to certain holiday weeks. But, if you can get away whenever make the most of last minute offers.

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