5 products I couldn’t have done without as a new mum

In the first few weeks postpartum, comfort and as much sleep as possible are a must! People who say “sleep when the baby sleeps” are absolutely right (although it’s difficult when you have another child!) Your body has been through an intense experience giving birth, so it needs care and rest.  The newborn days are wonderful, but the fourth trimester is certainly a challenge! Having given birth twice now, these are the 5 things that I couldn’t have done without in those very early days!

Pile cushion

Hey, nobody said this list was going to be glamorous! I couldn’t have got through the first couple of weeks without my beautiful inflatable pile cushion. If you have a vaginal birth, it’s quite likely that everything is going to feel a bit bruised and sore down there for around a fortnight. Let’s face it, something major has happened down there and it 100% feels like it too. I had second degree tearing and needed a lot of stitches. As a result, sitting wasn’t comfortable at all without my cushion. Of course, pregnancy and birth often lead to piles themselves, which these cushions will also help with.

Sitting on my beautiful cushion!

Something for underneath

Yep, this isn’t glamorous either. The pile cushion isn’t always enough alone to alleviate things. I love the Natural Birthing Company’s Pure Bliss compress solution and Bottom’s Up spray for some relief. They help things to get back to normal too – phew!

Nipple cream

If you’re planning on breastfeeding or pumping, you need some nipple cream. Sore nipples can often indicate a latching issue, but in the early days when you’re figuring things out this will really help. Plus, it helps with dry hands too and is safe for baby to consume if you use it as a barrier cream on them.

White noise machine

Babies can find it really hard to settle to sleep, particularly in the early weeks. It isn’t surprising really. Everything they knew has changed and they’ve suddenly been thrust into this world of strange scary noises, brightness and all other kinds of sensations. Providing white noise, such as the sound of a heartbeat, reminds them of the safety they felt in the womb and helps them to settle.

Another lovely nap, largely thanks to white noise!

Dimmable light

You need a dimmable light in your life! Waking up for night feeds is bad enough, without the light being so BAM, in your face when you switch it on! We got a small chargeable dimmable light to provide enough light to sleep but keep things cosy and sleepy. It was a total game changer.


What were the top things you needed as a new parent? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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