How to create a playroom for your baby

Collaborative Post¦ A playroom should be a functional and creative space for you and your children. You can use this room for play, homework, toy storage and socialising with friends. The playroom should be safe for your children over everything else. A minimalist and edited approach can help you to keep your playroom safe, organised and tidy.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind if you create a playroom for your baby this year.

Have a table in one corner for activities 

A small kids table with two chairs is essential for any playroom. Your children can paint and doodle away without damaging your expensive dining room table. We’ve all been there.

As your kids grow older, they can use the table for homework and play kitchen and shops with the piece. Make sure to include a few adult chairs, so you and your parent friends have somewhere to sit as well.

Protect your child’s safety

The playroom can be your child’s haven, but it needs to be safe. Tie any loose cables behind the furniture or up high away from their little fingers.

It’s also important to evaluate the safety of their toys. The New York State Department of Health found that choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional death in children under five. Remove any small toys and household items from the playroom until your baby is a bit older. Invest in toys that will withstand the test of time and your child will enjoy for years to come.

Built-in furniture

Built-in wardrobes and cupboards are more secure and less likely to shaken or moved by a child. Consider getting custom built-in storage in your playroom so you can shut all of the toys away at the end of the day. Store any clothing your baby might need to hand, like their sleepsuit and bibs, in the playroom which will equally save room in their bedroom.

Soft flooring

Incorporate interactive and sensory colours into every part of the playroom – including the floor. While wooden floors look beautiful, they are hard and painful to fall on. Lay an indoor/outdoor rug in the playroom – it’s easy to clean and durable. You could opt for a high-quality foam mat or soft carpets as well. Just remember, your baby spends a lot of time crawling on the floor, so it needs to be long-wearing, easy to clean and practical.

Keep it organised

Too many toys on the floor can be overwhelming for you and your child. You are better off editing your toy collection and storing most of them behind closed doors. Choose a few toys for your play session so that your child has something new to play with every day.

Or, you could opt for open shelving and clear drawers so your child can see what they want to play with and point it out to you easily. Just make sure to keep the shelves clean and tidy if you go for this option.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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