Romantic Ideas For Couples Who Don’t Want A Public Engagement

Collaborative Post¦ The pandemic has completely transformed our approach to life milestones. In a world where it’s now okay to invite guests to your wedding on Zoom or to have a birthday party online, it’s fair to wonder what the best post-pandemic proposal looks like. 

Most couples in the UK are shy about public proposals. It doesn’t matter how much you love your partner; there’s a slight sense of embarrassment when they kneel in front of you inside a crowded restaurant. 

“Darling, what are you doing? Sit back on your chair! People are watching us.”

With this in mind, it’s safe to say that British couples do not regret the temporary loss of public proposals. However, it’s becoming easier and more acceptable to plan to pop the question at home. Besides, you could make things just as romantic for you and your loved ones with these simple tricks. 

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Do it at home with cute decor touches

Granted, your interior decor doesn’t compare to a restaurant or a romantic hotel. But you can tweak things a little. A bunch of fragrant roses in a vase can completely transform the living room, for instance. If you fancy something a little quirky, you should consider using a neon sign. An elegant neon sign that fits on the wall can be the perfect addition to the decor. You can even get a custom design to celebrate your relationship. 

Do something unique

Not everyone can serenade their partner like Adam Sandler does to Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer. But you can still make it a memorable and beautiful moment, even at home. For a start, did you know that custom engagement rings let you design something unique and meaningful to your partner? If a ring isn’t your thing, you can still find plenty of fantastic ideas for your proposal. A custom t-shirt set that spells Mrs and Mr could be just impactful and romantic without breaking the bank. We all appreciate that the pandemic has been rough on our finances! 

Get your apron on

The advantage of taking your loved one to a restaurant for a proposal is that you don’t have to worry about the food. But you don’t need to be a chef to prepare something delicious that will make her or him say yes! Something as simple as heart-shaped pancakes served with strawberries and cream is enough to surprise them in bed in the morning. You can even use the whipped cream to spell out the question… Ultimately, cooking is an act of love because you dedicate your time to make something delicious for someone else. So it doesn’t matter whether you only bring eggs benedict to the table or a grilled steak. What matters is that you’ve prepared it carefully to their taste. 

Create a backdrop for the perfect photo

“Does this ring make my finger look big?”

We’ve all scrolled past some of the post-proposal photos online. So, why not make sure that you and your darling can have a great engagement photo, even if you’re at home? Here’s a little tip: You want a selfie light to illuminate your face. You can prepare a photo corner with carefully selected “props”, such as a framed picture of your first date in the background and a few roses. 

Proposing at home is not only romantic, but it also means you can control everything, from the decor to the food. It pays off to plan so you can surprise your partner with something unexpected and touching.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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