10 Garden Activities to Entertain the Kids

Collaborative Post¦ When you’re searching for ways to keep the kids entertained, you want to be sure that they’re getting the most out of their playtime too. As spring approaches in full bloom, kids will want to be out in the garden, exploring and keeping busy. 

1. Create an outdoor city! 

Take a large cardboard box or boxes, and gather as much recycled junk as possible such as milk cartons that can be cut windows and doors, and boxes that can be used to create little dens. It is a great way for kids to have fun, make dens and use their logic! 

2. Sand pit 

Not only is getting a sand pit a fun activity that is reminiscent of being on the beach, but it also helps them create, and for younger children, it is a stimulating activity that improves cognitive function. Sand feels and looks different to most things they have played with before, therefore complementing their development! 

3. Stone painting

Does your garden need a refresh? If so, you could consider using the kids to paint the garden! By turning your stones and pebbles into art, you are making the garden look good and also wallowing your children to express their creativity in a really fun way! 

4. Bowling with tin cans! 

Again, your unwanted tins can be upcycled and used as toys! You can line up your tin cans at the end of the patio and use a ball of some kind to play bowling! It is fun and inexpensive and keeps the traditional activities alive.

5. Obstacle course

Although you should proceed with caution, a mini obstacle course is fun and can also be repeated. Use skipping ropes, boxes and trampolines to make it a fun course for the kids which is also beneficial for their physical health! 

6. Mini tennis or hockey court

Summer is the season for tennis! By using any area of lawn you have in the garden, you can buy a tennis net or make one yourself, which will keep the kids entertained and ready for the summer tournaments! It’s fun and a great way for them to learn about sports and partnerships. Hockey is a great sport that requires focus and it can be an excellent way to entertain kids! 

7. Outdoor cinema!

With the use of a projector, you can set up a mini cinema in the back garden area! You can project a laptop on the back wall or set up a screen, some beanbags, a BBQ and some fairy lights and it’s instantly turned into a cinema for the kids! 

8. Treasure hunt

You can put mini treasures around the garden and give the kids a map or help them create one first so that they can use their orienteering skills to find the treasure. This is great for team building and generally a fun activity! Perhaps the treasure could be mini packs of candy! 

9. Mini herb garden

If you have a budding gardener in your home, then one sure way to get them involved is for them to create their very own herb garden. They can learn about how to plant the herbs, water them and maintain them, it’s fun and educational! 

10. Water park

A blow-up swimming pool and some water guns is an exceptionally fun activity for the kids! There is no denying that! So what are you waiting for? Add some water balloons and a slide for extra fun! 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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