4 Ways to Improve Your Gaming

Collaborative Post¦  Online gaming is a growing pastime. It provides challenge, excitement, and a variety of games to enjoy. With a range of eSports and other games to choose from, there is nothing that can stop you from being entertained. Providers such as VamosGG are supplying these challenging games which can be streamed for all to enjoy, young or old. This article will look at ways we can get the most out of our gaming. Tips to help us to achieve the best scores and enjoy doing it.

The Environment

It is good to feel comfortable no matter what we are doing. When playing an indoor game it is no different. You should play in a relatively peaceful environment where there are as few distractions and interruptions as possible. This will help you to relax and to feel less nervous about your performance. Enjoyment will overtake any fear of failure and then the results will come.

To protect your eyes, you should avoid having bright white, cool fluorescent, or incandescent bulbs, as these are known to emit the greatest UV radiation and so cause the most damage to your eyes.

Gaming Chairs

It is worth considering purchasing a specific gaming chair. This is particularly if you are spending lots of hours sitting at the computer, which you will invariably be doing when you are gaming. Today’s games are not short and will entertain you for hours. The idea of these specifically designed chairs is that they address your poor habits when it comes to sitting by teaching you the correct posture. Gaming chairs are considered to be very comfortable and good for you.

If sitting on a seat that is not geared up to gaming, then you should think about how high and supportive its back is and whether you could use a cushion to make its seat more comfortable. The height of your chair is important to give you the best viewing height for the game. If playing it in a portable way, perhaps on a mobile phone, then you can change your position more frequently than if you are sitting in the same chair and the same position for long periods. Also, you can be breathing fresh air while playing the game, which will help keep you alert and focussed.


Also to help you focus while gaming you should exercise regularly, take regular breaks, and consider taking small amounts of caffeine. Something else you could try is meditation, as this will lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This will all help you to maintain concentration throughout a game. To achieve the best score requires stamina and you need to be mentally and physically prepared for that. Physical activity is known to improve your brain function and memory, and also improve the quality of your sleep. So, this will make you more alert during a game and give you plenty of energy to see it through. Endurance can be mental as well as physical.

Combat games, for example, will require a lot of focus because you cannot relax for a second or your opponent will have got the better of you.

Taking regular breaks will allow you to re-focus your eyes. To help, you should look at things that are further away as a contrast to you looking at the computer screen that was close to you. In terms of how often you should take an eye break when on a computer, it should ideally be 5 to 10 minutes for every 2 hours that you spend on the computer, as a minimum. A break should mean being completely away from the computer screen.

Research and Practise

These two things go hand in hand. It is useful to research a game before your start playing it and not just rely on being able to discover everything as you play it. This research will be online and formed from what other players have said from playing and experiencing the game (for example, League of Legends Champion Guides). Then, invariably, the more games that you play, the better you will become at playing them. Playing similar games will help as you will get used to that type of action and what is required of you, with just perhaps slight variations in rules. Of course, if you’re playing games that pay real money, the more research and practise you do to up your game, the better!

To conclude, we can improve the gaming experience by choosing a less disruptive environment with lighting that is kind to our eyes, consider purchasing a chair designed for gaming, and noting a few tips when it comes to improving our focus. Also, we should look at researching a game, as we would anything else that we want to know more about and become better at. Then, of course, getting better still is about practising. The more the better to gain the skills required to improve our score.

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