Simple and Free Health Tips For 2021

Collaborative Post¦ One health tip that quarantine taught me is that I do not need a bank-breaking budget to get into shape physically and mentally. All I need is the will to change something small. Unfortunately, it took saddening events to wake us up to healthier habits. The good thing is we can all intentionally choose to employ free and simple health tips, some of which I’ve outlined below.


This is a practice that is getting more popular with the current generation. You do not have to be into Zen to enjoy the benefits that come with meditating. To make it simple, I think of it as practicing deep breathing techniques while learning to calm the mind, something that can be very helpful in this day and age. After all, more and more people are suffering from mental illness, some to the point of needing help from a Honey Lake Clinic depression treatment center (or similar practice). A healthy lifestyle begins with the thoughts we entertain, making meditation an ideal practice in solving mental space woes.

To try it out, I need a quiet and comfortable spot in the house, sit still with my back aligned, and focus on my breathing. For those with raging minds, don’t be discouraged or try to fight it. Instead, catch it in the wandering and refocus on your breathing. It will get more comfortable after a few practices.


I do not need to hit the gym to regain fitness. Committing to daily walks can significantly improve my metabolism, give me my daily calorie burn count and keep my heart rate up. These are the actual results we seek in exercising, so it is a relief to realize I can hit my goals by only walking enough daily. It is also one of the safest practices for people with underlying health issues.


If walking is too simple for you, I’d recommend finding a regular running routine. Running is more active than walking, so one needs to ensure they invest in the right outfits and also be in the best physical shape to do it. If you are not sure, consult a doctor before opting to pick it up.


Thanks to the internet, I do not have to be a pro at aerobics to practice it at home. I only need a few recommended videos on YouTube, and I’m good to go. Most aerobics routines are easy to follow and if you have never tried one before, look for beginner-friendly videos.

Keeping Track of My Meals

Exercising is a good idea, but how do I expect it to work well if I can’t keep up with my body’s nutritional requirements. Exercising and eating wrongly is like filling a gas tank to take a long trip. No one can lose extra calories or stay fit this way. Instead of using excess cash to buy take-outs, I opt to cook at home and keep my diet balanced.

Intermittent Fasting

This is another practice that has gotten popular recently in the health and fitness space. It involves holding off meals for at least 14 hours and reducing meal times to 6 to 10 hours a day. This increases the time the body uses the food already in store and increases metabolism to burn excess fats. Signing up for intermittent fasting does not cost a dime and will even help us save as we won’t be eating all the junk we eat in between meals.

Home Exercises

Just like aerobics, doing exercises at home is now easier thanks to the internet. I only need to search online for the kind of training I want to try and get several videos from experienced instructors.

It Won’t Work if We Don’t Commit

Getting healthy and fit in 2021 is that simple. I do not have to pay any instructor, hit the gym, or sweat my heart out since many exercising videos are only 5 to 10 minutes long. The only person who can hold me back is the one I see in the mirror, and if there’s no commitment, there are no results.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. 

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