Staying safe in Brooklyn, a tourist guide to enjoying your visit

Collaborative Post¦ While many tourists are drawn in by the bright lights of Manhattan, Brooklyn another borough in NYC is proving to be a bit of a cultural rival. Previously referred to as an up and coming borough, these days locals and visitors alike all agree that Brooklyn is just as culturally rich, exciting and positively bursting with attractions, must-sees, and natural beauty as it’s counterparts.

From an exciting afternoon spent at Coney Island, to brief reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city at the Botanic Garden, bargain hunting at famous flea markets and a walk along the famous Brooklyn Bridge. It’s not difficult to fill your time when you visit Brooklyn.

However, just like any city in the world, all visitors should be vigilant, and follow some simple safety tips to keep themselves and their belongings safe. Read on for a simple tourists guide to safety in Brooklyn, NYC.

Pay attention

NYC is home to over 5 million cars. Which means that regardless of which borough you’re visiting there’s going to be a lot of traffic. While sometimes it may be slow-moving, many drivers push in and drive aggressively to get where they need to be. Tourists need be wary of vehicles, slipping off kerbs and even crossing the road, accidents and fender benders are common in NYC, so make sure you’re paying attention and don’t get caught up in one. Looking for a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer? Click the link.

Stick to well-populated areas

Never follow anyone down a side street, alleyway or a poorly lit street. Even if they’re asking for help, or promising you directions or something like cheap theatre tickets. You’re only likely to be mugged, or even held at knife/gunpoint. Be smart and keep to the well-populated areas.

Consider wearing a money belt

Pickpockets and opportunistic thieves are always a concern in a busy city. However, there are some ways you can stay ahead of them. Money belts are a simple yet effective accessory that allows you to keep your money and your belongings on your person and keep them well hidden! It’s an easy way to deter thieves.

Don’t flash your wealth

You might need to check your phone, rearrange your wallet and check your cash situation that’s fine but avoid doing this in full view of everyone on the sidewalk. Step inside a store to do what you need to do and keep your wealth to yourself. Avoid making yourself a target.

And finally, if you get lost…

Even with a map, it’s easy to get lost or confused in NYC. If you’re really in a jam, approach a police officer or head into a store and ask someone for assistance.

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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