UK Lockdown in our House: Weeks 7-11

You may (or may not) have noticed I haven’t been as present on the blog or on social media over the last few weeks. For a few weeks it was down to focusing on making PPE for my local hospital and collecting donations from the local community for them.

PPE gown

As well as juggling homeschool and looking after the home, it was very time consuming and blogging therefore took a back seat! However, I’ve also been feeling a bit under the weather (thankfully not Covid-19) and had a couple of bereavements which have left me a bit downtrodden. I’ve really been missing writing but haven’t had the energy for it. As such, it feels great to be sitting here typing out a blog post once again!

It’s been a very busy few weeks and they have definitely gone quicker as lockdown has gone on! Has anyone else found that time has been passing strangely over the last couple of months?

Seeing family

Over the last few weeks, we celebrated our first family birthday in lockdown. From a distance, of course! I took my Nan some flowers, as well as some essentials. I also popped some fairy lights up in her garden, which she really liked.

Spring birthday flowers

Since then, the lockdown rules have been relaxed. We have taken advantage of being able to sit in relatives’ gardens a couple of times now. It’s wonderful being able to see everyone from a distance again. It’s so difficult not being able to hug anyone though! I can’t wait until we’re all around the table for a roast dinner again. Despite only being 3, Autumn is fantastic at social distancing. In fact, she even reminds others to keep a good distance!

Keeping Autumn occupied

We’ve still been doing some homeschooling over the last few weeks. However, I haven’t been able to be as efficient as I was the first few weeks! She has still been learning lots though, I think. She’s been particularly enjoying playing football and catch in the garden and pretending to be Elsa from Frozen. She has also loved pretending to be a doctor and looking after me, bringing me soup she’s made in her play kitchen and checking my temperature and heart beat with her doctor’s set. Autumn has always been an animal lover, so it’s not really a surprise that she’s spent a lot of time pretending to be a vet too. For some reason, this also involves grooming the pets too!

Selling our home

Over the last few weeks, we’ve also made the decision to sell our house. Yes, I know it’s a bit of a crazy time. However, there’s so much we like about our house and after a couple of years of casually looking, we finally found somewhere that had lots of features I didn’t want to lose that I love about it here. It’s all moved very quickly and I’m both excited but upset to leave here. We’re really really hoping that all goes well and we are successful in getting the house we want!

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