Review & Giveaway: So you want to build a human?

Review¦ I was recently sent a copy of ” So you want to build a human?” by Tom Jackson and Jan Bielecki. I’m genuinely impressed by this book and looking forward to writing this review. I think it’s perfect for children in late primary school and the first 3 or 4 years of secondary school to accompany their learning. I have 4 copies to giveaway – just enter using the widget in this blog post!

First Impressions

The fact that this book is styled as a manual drew my attention to begin with. It makes it somewhat more interesting than your general book about the human body. The bright colours and illustrations on the front are also very attractive.

So you want to build a human? by Tom Jackson

Looking at the contents, I was impressed with the way in which it splits up each section of the body. Depending on what a child is interested in learning about, or studying in biology, they can easily find what they need to know.

So you want to build a human contents page

Contents of the book

Each page is really neatly set out with fantastic, clear illustrations. It summarises what that part of the body does in the page title (e.g. for reproductive system, the subtitle is “Making Copies”). Rather than bombarding you with information, different facts and functions are split into separate ‘notes’ across the book. This makes it a lot easier for children to digest and hopefully will stop them from getting bored so quickly!

So you want to build a human? reproductive system

The book is written in a way that doesn’t shy away from medical terminology, yet puts the facts across in a way that children can understand. If they do become stuck, there is a glossary they can refer to at the back!

So you want to build a human? lungs page

I think this book is great for children who are interested in finding out more about the human body. Likewise, it’s good for those who are studying biology to see a breakdown of the facts in this book as a supplement to their learning. It’s been quite some time since I studied biology at school and I actually quite enjoyed it as a refresher of my knowledge, myself!

It retails for around £16.99 in all good book shops.


I have 4 copies of So you want to build a human? to give away! Please use the widget below to enter. Terms and conditions apply.

So you want to build a human? giveaway

Disclosure: I received a copy of So you want to build a human? free of charge for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are valid and my own.

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33 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: So you want to build a human?”

  1. The reproductive system. I have 2 children and it still blows my mind that my body created 2 tiny little human beings all by itself.

  2. The brain fascinates me. Mine goes slightly wonky sometimes (epilepsy) but it’s not really possible to see why on scans and monitors. All those connections to make other parts of the body work properly are amazing.

  3. The gut, it can deal with so many different situations and foods and is referred to as the second brain.

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