Building Value Into Your Home

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Collaborative Post¦ Maintaining or increasing the value of your property is vital. When you buy a home, you imagine that the value will just continuously increase the longer you own your home. However, there this is not always the case. Your property can fall into negative equity. This is where it is worth lower than its original value. This means that when you sell your home, you end up losing money in the process. This can be hugely problematic when it comes to moving on to a new home or even releasing the equity in your home when you retire. 

There are so many different factors which can affect the value of your home. Many of these are things that you really have no control over. If there have been developments in your local area that have decreased the value of properties nearby, then the only way that you can combat that is by investing in other ways to increase the value of your home. 

Before you start spending any additional money on increasing the value of your home, you should find out how much you can expect to add by seeking the advice of a local estate agent. 

Often, one of the most effective ways of building value in your home is through making it bigger.

Having An Extension

The more floor space you have, the better. Homebuyers will want as much property as possible for their money. Having an extension is a great way of making your home bigger. 

Before you set to work getting an extension, you will need to hire Residential Architects to provide the designs and plans. You will also need to submit planning permission applications. These will need to be approved before you start working on the extension. This can be a lengthy process, and there is always the risk of the extension being rejected. Once you have the planning permission, you can enlist contractors to carry out the work for you. 

Making Better Use Of Existing Space Within Your Home

There are very often spaces within the home that are not currently being used to their full potential. These might include your attic, basement, or even an adjoining garage. These can often be converted into additional rooms that can be used. 

For example, your attic would make a great additional bedroom. And, if it is big enough, you may even be able to fit an extra bathroom up there too. 

Your basement could either be used as a relaxing living room or entertainment space. Or, you could bring your kitchen and dining room into the space meaning that your ground floor can be completely redesigned and different areas repurposed. 

If you have an unused adjoining garage on your property, then you may find that you could make much better use of this by blocking off your garage door, having a window and heating fitted, and using the room as an office, dining room, or even a second living room. 

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