How to successfully introduce a new cat into your home

Collaborative Post¦ Preparation is definitely key when it comes to introducing a new cat into your home. Not only will you need to make sure you have got all the right equipment, from litter trays to feeding bowls, but you will also need to ensure the family is well prepared too. Cats are naturally hesitant creatures and a lack of preparation could lead to them feeling threatened or scared – both of which can result in aggressive behaviour. Encore Pet Food has come up with these top tips to help you successfully introduce a new cat into your home, ensuring that your new feline friend will quickly become part of the family!

Settling your cat in

Your cat is more likely to feel settled and comfortable if they’re able to investigate their new surroundings in their own time. You don’t want your cat to feel scared and become overwhelmed by their new home, so establishing a ‘safe place’ for them is important. It may also be worth letting your cat get used to 1 or 2 rooms first before roaming the full house. It is also advised to keep your cat indoors for at least 10 days until they are settled into the new house before you let them venture outside.

How to make your cat feel comfortable

You cat needs a few essential items in order to feel comfortable, including:

● A designated area for food and water
● A litter tray in a private area that is separate from their food and water
● Access to a high spot where they can view their surroundings
● A suitable place to sleep
● A scratching post
● Toys to play with
● A place to hide

If, after all this, you still find that your cat is struggling to adjust to his or her new environment, then it may be worth investing in a pheromone dispenser. Pheromone dispensers can be great to help calm and distress your cat whilst they are settling into their new home. They can also discourage certain behaviours, such as excessive prowling and scratching.

Give your new feline friend the very best in cat food

Introducing Encore cat food into your cat’s diet can be a great way of enticing your cat to embrace the new family home. Not only is each recipe made with 100% natural ingredients and up to 75% real meat, but they all smell and taste delicious.

Here at Encore, we want only the best for your feline friends, so every single cat food recipe is packed with natural goodness to ensure your cat receives only the best of the best!

Introducing your cat to your kids

There is no reason why a family with children can’t own a cat. Cats are fantastic pets who can bring a lot of joy to family life, and owning a cat can teach a child many skills and qualities, such as, empathy, compassion, and responsibility.

However, children, especially toddlers, are not known for their gentle nature so it is vitally important that you spend time teaching your children how to be gentle with your cat. Some simple ways include:

● Promoting the use of kind hands
● Encouraging soft voices
● Supervising your child and cat closely
● Rewarding your cat and praising your child for good behaviour.

Getting a new cat is a really exciting time for your family and we hope that these tips help both the family and the cat to settle into your new routine together!

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