10 Reasons Toronto Is Perfect For A Family Vacation

Collaborative Post¦ We realise that for some parents the idea of a family vacation fills them with dread and anxiety. From worrying that your children will misbehave on the journey, to finding the right place to stay that offers the right facilities, it can seem impossible to find the perfect place to head to for some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday chaotic family life. However, both you and your children need a break, and finding the right place to go may not be as difficult as you first thought.

Toronto is the largest Canadian city and the fourth largest in the whole of North America, so it is safe to say that you won’t be short of things to do and see during your trip. However, Toronto makes for the perfect family vacation destination as it is very different to the other large cities across North America.

Toronto is known for being the tourism and entertainment hub of Canada and offers many family friendly activities for everyone to enjoy. If we’ve peaked your interest, keep reading. Here are our ten reasons why Toronto makes the perfect family vacation destination!

Toronto is Clean and Safe

When you are traveling as a family, it is important that you feel safe and secure in your surroundings, and unlike some of the most popular cities across the US and North America, Toronto is well-known for being clean, safe, and friendly.

The streets of Toronto are clean, with no gum anywhere, no litter to be seen, and hardly any potholes. If you have ever visited New York, Cleveland, or Chicago then you will likely come to expect dirty streets in busy cities, but in Toronto this is not the case. Even construction sites across Toronto are kept clean and safe, so you don’t have to worry about your children’s safety while exploring the city’s walkways.

The Food is Child Friendly

One of the biggest challenges to overcome when traveling as a family can be finding food that your children are prepared to eat. If you are a parent of a fussy child, then we feel your pain. But this is one of the best things about Toronto; they have every type of food that you can think of on offer and loads of it is child friendly!

From popular independent Italian restaurants to some of the best ice cream parlors you have ever visited, there is literally something for everyone to enjoy. So, whether you are traveling with small children, or have dietary requirements, such as being vegetarian or vegan, no one will go hungry in Toronto.

But don’t forget that a trip to Toronto is not complete without trying a Canadian Poutine!

Getting Around is Easy

When traveling as a family, it is important that you can easily and affordably get around your vacation destination, and this will not be a problem when visiting Toronto. The city is very foot-friendly, and you can pretty much walk anywhere that you want to go.

The walks are also very child friendly as there is so much to look at and visit that they won’t get bored along the way. When exploring the city as a family, we recommend that you take the time to have regular breaks and take advantage of the cafes and restaurants available on every Toronto corner.

The CN Tower

Toronto is home to one of the world’s most famous landmarks, the CN Tower, and no visit to the city is complete without a walk along its thick glass floor 1,800 feet in the air. It has become an iconic symbol of Toronto and has a great gift shop that your kids will love! It offers great views of the city and if you visit after dark you can see the beautiful city all lit up at night.

While you are there you can also enjoy something to eat. You should expect to pay around $35 per adult for general admission the CN tower, and $25 for children, but it is a remarkable experience that your kids will remember for years to come.

It is Culturally Diverse

If Toronto is nothing else, then it is a friendly city with a melting pot population. So, no matter where in the world you are coming from, you can enjoy the welcoming and non-judgemental arms of the Torontonian people. The cultural diversity is also what makes the local cuisine so tasty!

You Can See a Show

While in Toronto, you should try and take the whole family to see one of the amazing shows that are available at venues across the city. From Phantom of the Opera to ballet performances, there is something for everyone in Toronto’s theatres and it is one of the most common tourist activities. While theatre tickets can seem a bit pricey if you have the whole family to pay for, by booking ahead and looking out for the best deals you can make it more affordable.

It Is Easy to Get To

Traveling as a family can sometimes be a challenge, and many parents worry about going on flights with their little ones. However, flights to Toronto are readily available from various cities across North America and the US when booking through regional airline Porter Airlines. Their headquarters is based at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and they provide quick and easy child-friendly flights. You can find more information here on all of the flights and routes that Porter Airlines provides.

The Royal Ontario Museum

A family vacation to Toronto must include a visit to the Royal Ontario museum which showcases world culture, arts, and the natural history of Toronto. It is one of the largest museums that you will find in North America and the locals love visiting just as much as tourists do. It attracts over one million visitors every year, so it is no surprise that it is the most popular museum in the whole of Canada. There is so much to see and do at the Royal Ontario Museum that you could easily spend a whole day there. Ticket prices for adults start at $17 and $14 for children but visit on a Tuesday for an additional discount.

You Can Visit the Beach

If you are looking out for a cheap fun day out for all the family, then you should head down to the picturesque and relaxed neighborhood of ‘The Beaches’. This small town has a relaxed and chilled out vibe on Toronto’s coastline. It is very popular amongst families with its sandy beaches and unique boardwalk. It unsurprisingly becomes very popular during the summer months!  The Beaches is also home to the International Jazz Festival that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

It Has Its Own Zoo!

A family vacation isn’t complete without a visit to the zoo, and once again Toronto won’t let you down. Toronto Zoo is that largest zoo in Canada and is home to animals from all over the world. With wallabies from Australia, to cheetahs from the African Savanna, the Toronto Zoo is the perfect day trip!

If you are unsure where to head to for your next family vacation, then a trip to Toronto is fun for both children and adults alike.

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