Escaping From Your Routine

Collaborative Post¦ The home is the beating heart of your routine. As such, it’s a place we’ve all grown to consider like the nest that inspires, builds and maintains the everyday life. Therefore, moving houses can be a highly emotional journey. However, in some situations, the routine doesn’t give you what you need anymore. Sometimes, your home routine makes you feel uncomfortable. As a result, you find yourself wanting to run away from your established habits to create something new, something that suits you. Can changing address save you from the routine? Many believe that your home is an anchor that is designed to give you peace, safety, and happiness. When no external factors such as professional relocation or end of tenancy agreement force you to move out, the only meaningful reason behind a move is that broken anchor. When the home doesn’t bring peace, safety and happiness, escaping from the routine is the only way forward. 

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I need to declutter my life

Sometimes, you can’t shake the feeling that your life is messy. Whether you’ve made a series of bad decisions or you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by things you can’t sort out, it’s natural to want to declutter your life. More often than not, changing your environment can help you to clear your mind and keep anxiety triggers at bay. Something as simple as finding experts who can help you pack and unpack can have a therapeutic effect. Professional removers from have witnessed many situations where the change in atmosphere was palpable. The act of packing your belongings into tidy cardboard boxes can seem like a banal gesture. But it helps your mind to let go of previous worries and embrace new adventures. 

I don’t feel safe at home

Do you feel safe at home? While this might seem like a silly question, more and more people swear they’ve had an encounter with a ghost in their lifetime. Could you imagine living in a haunted home? It’s hard to say whether ghosts are real or not. Nevertheless, whether you believe in them or not, you might have experienced odd sensations that you couldn’t explain inside your home. We don’t have any logical explanation for these, and, as a result, ghosts and other paranormal activities are the most commonly accepted explanation. In US law, haunted properties are not a laughing matter. You could get into trouble for withholding information about ghosts in the real estate market. Even our National Trust properties have had to get in touch with professional exorcists to “clear” some of their houses. So, it’s easy to understand why you might want to leave a haunted home. 

You need a fresh start at YOUR life

Life doesn’t always go as you wanted. You feel restless and caged in your home. Or perhaps you’re sick of fighting to build your own identity; you’re the daughter of X, the girlfriend of Y, etc. You want to be recognised for who you are. Changing homes can give you a new chance of building your happiness. 

We move because the routine we’ve created doesn’t work for us. When the home isn’t a happy or peaceful place, you fight a battle you can never win. Finding a new home you can call yours and that gives you everything you need is the way forward. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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