4 fantastic benefits of tricycles for adults

Think that tricycles are just for small children learning to cycle? Think again. Tricycles are becoming more and more popular for adults, for good reason. There are lots of benefits over regular bikes; particularly for the older generation. Let’s take a look at some of these.

1. Better stability

Of course, having the third wheel on a tricycle makes all the difference to your stability. You can pedal as slowly as you like and take corners without having to think about your posture and balance as you do with a bike. There are no concerns about toppling over. Snow and rain become less of a worry. Additionally, the third wheel also makes going uphill easier. As such, tricycles are a particularly great idea for the elderly and people with balance problems (perhaps as an alternative to a mobility scooter for some?) There is far less risk of falling off and hurting yourself (as I did 14 years ago this week when I fell off of my bike and fractured my wrist. Ouch!)

Jorvik adult tricycle in snow

2. They keep you active

We all know that exercise is necessary for keeping healthy. It reduces the risk of dementia, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer, amongst other conditions. Cycling is great for cardiovascular health, as well as your strength and balance.

3. Comfort

The upright position of most tricycles and the comfy seats make them much more comfortable than bikes. Therefore, if you have back problems, a tricycle could be much more comfortable for you.

4. Practicality

Once you’ve bought a trike, you won’t need to spend much more except for maintenance and any accessories you want. With the previous points in mind, it’s a very cost-effective, environmentally friendly and healthy way to get from A to B. Some models available even fold up smaller or have baskets for your groceries.

Purple Jorvik adult tricycle

If you’re thinking of one for a Christmas gift or for yourself, I can recommend tricycles from Jorvik Tricycles. They have a great range of tricycles, colours and accessories so you’re sure to find the right one!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Jorvik Tricycles, for which I have been compensated. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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