Review: Shimmer Stars (Pixie the Panda)

Ad (Review)¦ Have you heard of Shimmer Stars yet? They are the perfect gift for a child for a treat, an upcoming birthday or Christmas. They’re reasonably priced and my daughter’s instantly became her new best friend! There are currently four friends in the range: Pixie the Panda, Twinkle the Unicorn, Jelly Bean the cat and Bubbles the puppy. They all come with a wand full of shimmers for your child to decorate their friend (and themselves!) as well as a pair of ears for them to wear just like their friend’s.

What are Shimmer Stars?

The Shimmer Stars characters are cute and friendly looking, with their lovely big eyes. They’re also the perfect size for cuddling! Their fur is really soft and they have the perfect amount of squishyness.

Shimmer Stars Pixie the Panda UK review

The wand can be played with, as well as being taken apart when it’s time for shimmerising your Shimmer Star. It is simple to undo and put back together. When it’s undone, the shimmers can be contained within one side of the star whilst the other is used to put one of the shimmers onto. The stick part of the wand is the applicator. Simply press the applicator onto the shimmer to get it onto it. Then, place the applicator where you want your shimmer and press the button at the end of the applicator! My 2 year old picked it up very quickly and loved decorating her shimmer star.

Of course, a big part of the fun is that children can join in and look like their Shimmer Star too! The shimmers can be applied to hair in the same way as they are to the Shimmer Star. Each character comes with a headband with a matching pair of ears on. Of course, the set with Twinkle the Unicorn has a unicorn horn! Autumn loves wearing hers so that she looks more like Pixie.

Shimmer Stars Pixie panda ears

Pricing and my thoughts

Shimmer Stars are available at Smyth’s Toys for £19.99 currently. For the quality of the product, what’s included and entertainment value, I think that is a really reasonable price. In my opinion, it’s at a good price point for your children’s friend’s birthday present (which can be difficult to buy for). I’m sure that they will be a very popular gift choice this Christmas too!

I would have loved one of these as a child. In fact, in the rare moments Autumn hasn’t been holding Pixie, I’ve found myself playing with her for a little while. It’s really fun and quite therapeutic deciding which shimmer to use next and what pattern to put them in. When you want to start again, you simply use the comb provided to brush them out and begin once more!

This is a toy that gets my approval as well as Autumn’s. There are no annoying noises like a lot of toys, it’s just cute and fun. Yes, eventually a few shimmers get shedded here and there as she’s cuddling her Shimmer Star, but I don’t mind. It doesn’t take long to pop them back in the wand to be reused and, after all, what’s life without a little sparkle?

Shimmer Stars Pixie the Panda UK review

Disclosure: We received a Shimmer Stars Pixie the Panda for the purpose of this review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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