5 Things to do Before Moving House

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Collaborative Post¦ Whether buying your first house, upsizing or relocating, moving home is an exciting time in anyone’s life – but it can also be a little stressful too.

Hopefully, you will have found a good real estate agent who will have helped you through the process of finding your new home. If you know what types of questions to ask and what answers to expect (visit https://zen.homezada.com/2021/05/02/home-buyers-what-to-discuss-with-real-estate-agent/ if you don’t), then this shouldn’t have been too demanding. But the next steps involved are often where people struggle to remain calm and composed.

So, to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible, I’ve been chatting to Joy Richards, Sleep Specialist at Happy Beds, who has recently run a survey on this exact subject. Check out the research findings and her top tips of things to do before moving home below:

  1. Book a Removal Company

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The survey of 2,000 people found that the average person moves five times in their life, but a shocking 87% find it stressful. In fact, 71% have lost sleep from the stress and anxiety, and 1 in 10 have lost more than a week’s worth.

So, what makes it so stressful and how can we make it easier on ourselves? Well, 48% of people have experienced a mishap or disaster when moving home in the past, and 90% have had possessions broken, so this is certainly something that is bound to play on your mind.

A simple solution would be to enlist the help of professionals by searching for orlando movers or a removal company in your area. Admittedly, this will likely end up costing you more than if you did it alone or with the help of friends and family. However, a removal company handles relocations every day of the week, so you’re less likely to experience broken or lost items and it’ll tick one big item off your to-do list.

In addition, you could also arrange for move out cleaning San Antonio services (or cleaning services in your area) to get your house spotless for you and ready for the new occupants. This will further help to free up your time and keep the move as stress-free as it can be for you.

As Mick Fallon, Director and Conveyancing Solicitor at Howells Solicitors says:

“Having support from people you can count on, whether a solicitor, moving company, or friends and family, is also key to delegating tasks and making moving less of a worry and more of an exciting period of your life.”

  1. Get Organised with an Overnight Bag

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Let’s face it, when moving home, we all have good intentions of packing everything up in the days running up to the big event and then unpacking everything straight away… but that rarely happens. Life simply gets in the way and, in some instances, you may have a box or two littering the garage or spare room for weeks on end.

Packing an overnight bag with essentials will mean there is no mega rush to unpack and find a place for everything after lugging items from one property to another. There’ll be no need to hunt for your toothbrush in 27 cardboard boxes or dig through bags of toys to find that special teddy your little one simply can’t sleep without. Instead, your go-to items will be a short grab away.

  1. Tell Your Neighbours

Whether you’re best friends or simply just say hello if you pass each other in the street, I would always recommend telling your immediate neighbours that you are moving home. Not only is it a chance to say goodbye and to say thank you to them for being great neighbours, but it pre-warn them that there will be new faces nearby soon – and likely a van or two as you move your belongings.

  1. Arrange for Mail to Be Forwarded

One thing many people find tedious when moving home is updating they’re address on their passport, driving license, bank account, and the myriad of other accounts we have these days. And, while there is not a simple way of doing all of these in one go, there is an easy way of redirecting any letters or bills to the correct, new address.

Simply contact your local post depot and request for all post with your name on to be redirected. This will come with a small fee, but it will save you going back to your old property to pick up post every week.

  1. Try and Destress

Yes, this is easier said than done, but try not to stress too much. There are countless things that can go wrong, and it can feel as if you’re spinning plates trying to make sure everything goes to plan, but what really is the worst that can happen?

If you’re looking for the secret to how to move house without stress, I would say it’s really important, before moving, to plan well in advance and to get a great night’s sleep before the big day to put yourself in the best frame of mind. A warm bath and a chamomile tea also really helps!

If you’re well-prepared, you’ll have a greater chance of destressing and sleeping well, knowing you can’t do anymore.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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