Stress-Busting Strategies To Help Your Health Goals

Collaborative Post¦ Are you struggling to achieve your health goals? If so, have you figured out a reason? There are myriad factors that can affect everything from weight loss and fitness goals to mental health, but one common denominator is stress. Stress can impact all aspects of health, and if it’s poorly managed, it can hold you back. If stress is getting you down, here are some strategies to try today.

Managing your routine and striking a better work-life balance

Do you complain that you never have enough time, or do you feel like you’re constantly spinning plates? If time is an issue, think about adjusting and adapting your schedule to find a better balance between work, studying and spending time relaxing, pursuing hobbies and interests and socializing. If you work long hours, consider asking your boss about more flexible options, for example, working from home a couple of days a week. This would cut out your commute and save you time and effort. You might also be able to come to an arrangement, which means that your workload doesn’t require overtime. If you’re studying and working, explore options like online MSN programs, which enable you to complete your course online. This offers more flexibility and saves you having to factor in travel time. If you find it difficult to devote time to hobbies and catching up with friends, start scheduling in social activities and downtime in the same way as you would work engagements. It’s crucial to have time out.

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Get your body moving

Have you ever noticed that no matter how gruesome or grueling a workout, you almost always feel incredible afterwards? When you exercise, and your body is moving, a chain reaction is triggered, which results in elevated serotonin levels and the release of endorphins, often known as happy hormones. Exercise is a proven stress-buster, and it can also help to distract and clear your mind if you’re feeling fraught or anxious. You don’t have to be a regular gym-goer to reap the rewards of exercise. Any activity that gets your heart pumping faster will help you to tackle stress. Go dancing, take the dog for a walk, play tennis, go swimming or do a yoga class. Even a few minutes of physical activity can make a positive difference.

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Express yourself

If you’re bogged down, you feel like your shoulders have lead weights on them, or your mind is running wild, it’s hugely beneficial to express yourself. Find somebody to talk to, write, play music, paint, draw, bake or hit some bags in the gym. Everyone is different, and some techniques will work better for you than others. Try a few different strategies with the aim of finding a means of managing your emotions and getting things off your chest.

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If you’re struggling to get where you want to be in terms of your health, stress may be playing a role, and it’s wise to address it as quickly as possible. Review your schedule, take some time out, get moving and learn to express yourself.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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