Easter Afternoon Tea at Wyevale Garden Centre

Gifted¦ On Thursday, some of my family and I went for Easter afternoon tea at Elm Court, a Wyevale Garden Centre based in Gillingham, Kent. Before we went, I took a good look at the menu (who doesn’t?) The additions of hot cross buns and prosecco made this afternoon tea extra special for this time of year. Everything on the menu sounded brilliant, so I was just hoping it would live up to my expectations.


After getting out of the traffic of the towns, we travelled through some lovely countryside in the sunshine. Upon our arrival, we were shown to our table. It was set up beautifully with a white paper tablecloth with napkins the same colour as the rapeseed fields we’d driven past.  There was also a bottle of prosecco on ice waiting for us and some delightful flowers on the table. We were asked if we’d like tea or coffee, which was delivered promptly. I was pleased that there were herbal teas available, as I don’t like ‘normal’ tea. The afternoon tea stands were brought over to the table shortly thereafter. Pleasingly, they looked even better than my expectations. I’m sure my jaw dropped briefly before I said “Wow!”

Easter afternoon tea stand at Wyevale Garden Centre


I’ll be honest, I’m not someone who usually raves about sandwiches. I’m actually really fussy when it comes to food in general (although I love food, I just seem to have quite a discerning palate!) However, the bread of these sandwiches was light and spongey. The fillings were wonderful too. On my vegetarian plate, I had egg mayonnaise with some sort of leaf (perhaps babyleaf?) and Somerset brie and caramelised red onion chutney sandwiches. Everyone else had the latter, along with Wiltshire ham, tomato & watercress sandwiches. My Dad can’t eat tomatoes, which I had advised the garden centre of beforehand. This had been remembered and they’d made tomato free ham and watercress sandwiches especially for him.

All the sandwiches were delicious, but we all particularly enjoyed the creamy brie and delicious chutney. Even my Nan who would never usually eat brie liked them. 2 year old Autumn, however, had to be convinced to even try the sandwiches. Her sights were firmly set on the cakes on the top tier of the stand!

Toddler reaching for cake on top of Easter afternoon tea stand

Hot Cross Buns

Having enjoyed my sandwiches, I was looking forward to progressing onto my hot cross buns. Taking a sip of refreshing prosecco, I took in my surroundings. It was lovely looking out onto all the plants in the garden centre. With Autumn happily munching away, I found a moment of relaxation.

The hot cross buns were delicious, although just to clarify, only one in the photo below was mine. My Nan and I were sharing this stand. Butter and Tiptree strawberry jam were supplied for these yummy Easter treats. The jam made all the difference to Autumn, who devoured hers, ending up with jam on her chin, nose and cheek.

Easter afternoon tea with prosecco at Wyevale Garden Centre in Gillingham


Where do I even begin on the amazing top tier? We each had one of the following:

  • A mini macaron
  • A raspberry and almond bakewell bar
  • A strawberry and cream pavlova
  • A chocolate, salted caramel and pecan brownie

Macarons can sometimes be a bit bland and none of us are great macaron lovers. However, we really enjoyed these ones which were full of flavour. My lemon one was fresh and zingy, whilst my Nan’s had strawberry jam in the centre and my Dad could taste the pistachio in his.

The bakewell bars were probably my least favourite of the plate, but were nice too. Meanwhile, the pavlovas were my Mum’s favourite and definitely had the most ‘wow’ factor! They were really, really good.

Last, but not least, the brownies were the highlight for me (a self-confessed chocoholic!) I know a good brownie when I taste it and these fitted the bill. The salted caramel and pecan flavours were perfection.

This was certainly the best afternoon tea I’ve eaten so far and we all really enjoyed our afternoon! Autumn enjoyed playing in the play area with my Dad whilst my Mum, Nan and I looked around the shop. As well as plants and gifts it had some lovely things for children! Using a voucher I had, I got Autumn a new book and myself a couple of new plants for the home.

I wouldn’t hesitate to go back for another afternoon tea as I couldn’t fault a thing. From the efficient staff, to the delicious food and great surroundings, everything was marvellous.

Disclosure: We were invited to go for Easter afternoon tea in return for this review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. I’d heard bad things about Wyevale’s afternoon teas but it certainly looks like they’ve improved, as yours looks delicious! My favourite thing would definitely be that delicious brownie. I love that you had Easter nails to match the occasion.

    Lyd- whatlyddid com

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