4 Great Ways to Use Flowering Trees in Your Family Garden

Collaborative Post As you know, we are working on improving our garden. To turn it into a more family-friendly space and somewhere we can entertain, in the warmer months.

So, I have been looking at sites like The Tree Center for inspiration. To find out more about the types of trees and plants we could use in our garden.

I particularly like the look of their flowering trees. As you will see, there are several ways you could use them to enhance your garden.

Provide your family with fresh fruit

Some of the nicest flowering trees also produce fruit. Blossom trees provide you with a riot of colour in the spring and wonderful fruit in the summer. Cherry, apple and pear trees all produce some lovely looking flowers. But, if you want the fruit you have to be careful not to buy the ornamental type. These are now far easier to get hold of than the kind that produces fruit. So, to avoid making a mistake it is important to ask the retailer if the tree they are selling you produces fruit that is actually edible. Otherwise, Round rock tree care providers can help!

Toddler eating apple after apple picking at Foxendown Farm, Meopham, Kent

Create a flowering hedge

Most people value their privacy, so like to surround their garden with some sort of hedge. To get the job done, the majority of property owners plant evergreen trees. Partly, because they do not realise that you can do something similar using flowering trees. Female junipers are and Ampur maples are two great option for this.

If you do decide to go down this route, be sure to think about how you are going to maintain your privacy in the winter when there are no leaves. The fact that most people do not use their gardens much in the winter means that this is rarely an issue. But, it is still something you should be aware of and take into consideration.

Create a beautiful focal point

Flowering trees are a wonderful way to create an interesting focal point in your garden. They catch the eye, so visitors will always see your garden in its best light when they first look into them.

When choosing one take the time to think about how the tree will look when the flowers are gone. Try to buy one that has nice leaves too, so that it continues to look nice even when it is not flowering. Also, give some attention to how the tree is going to look in the winter when it has lost its leaves. Ideally, you want a tree that has an interesting branch structure.

Plant flowering trees that also provide shade

Some flowering trees are big enough to cast a nice big shadow. Take a look at the larger ornamental fruit trees. Some of these grow to around 40 ft and can be trimmed so that there is enough space for you to sit under them.

If you choose a tree that grows fairly large, once it matures, you can build a nice bench around the trunk. Providing your family with a great place to sit and enjoy some shade on a sunny day. You can find out how to build one by clicking on this link.

If you’re in the Rancho Cucamonga area, make sure you check out The Local Tree Experts for all your tree care needs: https://www.thelocaltreeexperts.com/ca/rancho-cucamonga/

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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