7 reasons to change your mind about artificial grass

7 reasons to change your mind about artificial grass

I’ve recently been thinking about redesigning our back garden to make it more family friendly. It’s entirely patio and therefore is no good for playing with Autumn. I want to keep the patio at the top of the garden, but have the rest as lawn. Something we’ve been considering is having fake grass, rather than real. This is something I hadn’t even considered until recently, as I was of the opinion that real is best. However, I have changed my mind after doing some research into it!

1. Aesthetically pleasing

Every now and then we have a heatwave and subsequent hosepipe ban that leaves lawns everywhere crispy and yellow. However, with artificial grass, it will always be green and never start looking lacklustre after a few hot days.

2. Less work

We have grass in our front garden already and it takes time and effort to look after. I know as soon as I said I’d like grass in the back garden, my husband was thinking “Oh no, more mowing for me!” Meanwhile, I’m the one who does the weeding. If we get a fake lawn as part of the back garden’s makeover, these aren’t things we’ll have to worry about. This will suit us very well, as we have a very busy lifestyle!

Lawn mower - no need to mow fake grass!

3. Looks realistic

I think one of my biggest concerns was that if I have fake grass, it will look fake and silly. However, it’s actually improved a lot over the years. There is now very realistic looking artificial grass on the market, which will provide the natural look I desire.

4. Cost effective

Of course, artificial grass can be fairly costly to begin with, depending how much you need and what pile height and weight, wear rating, softness, etc. you opt for. However, over time it will save you money. If it’s the only grass you have, you can sell the lawn mower and save on electricity costs. You also don’t have to worry about fertiliser or other products you may need to keep your grass looking good. If you have a gardener, you won’t have to pay them for as much time spent in your garden.

5. Could help the environment

I’ve already mentioned that you won’t need to use a lawn mower, so that is good for the environment. Not only that, but as artificial grass doesn’t require watering, it will decrease your water usage.

6. Dries quickly

The drainage of fake grass is very good, as long as it has been fitted properly. This means it can dry quicker, allowing you to get the children outside faster! This is always a good thing, as they tend to get a bit wild when cooped up inside for too long.

7. No mud

Fed up of mud patches or pets digging in the garden? Well, those are a thing of the past with fake grass. There will also be no muddy footprints or paw prints to worry about cleaning up either!

Dog on artificial / fake grass

There are certainly lots of good reasons to consider going fake and I’m excited at the prospect of going this way with our garden!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Grass Direct. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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