10 Reasons why having a New Year’s Day Birthday sucks

Happy New Year everyone, I hope it’s a prosperous and healthy one for you!

Today is my Birthday and I’m not always too happy about that. For many reasons, it actually kinda sucks, and here’s why:

1. Everyone’s tired of festivities

1st January is exactly a week after Christmas. As such, everyone is tired of parties and spending time with people. It would appear that people generally just want to be a bit anti-social and focus on healthy eating or exercise for the first week of January.

Me as a baby. before I knew that the day I chose to be born on sucked!

2. No money

Nobody has any money as they’re all skint from buying Christmas presents. This results in people not being able to celebrate with you. You also probably receive less for your birthday than people do if they were born at other times of the year. Speaking of which…

3. Joint presents

Think it’s just Christmas babies that receive joint presents? Think again! If you’re born this close to Christmas, you still get joint presents aka. a present that is for both Christmas and your birthday. It’s like Christmas and your birthday kind of mould into one thing in a way anyway really. Shortly afterwards, you can never remember if it was Christmas or your birthday that someone bought you a present for. This probably isn’t helped by the fact that most of your birthday presents are wrapped in Christmas paper!

4. New Year blues

While many people take the opportunity to make New Year’s Resolutions, many people hate New Year. If you look at it pessimistically, you may wonder what bad things the year ahead will hold. If you feel like this your birthday will suck. Likewise, if you’re surrounded by people who feel like this, your birthday will suck. Let’s face it, you want people to be happy and celebrating with you. It sucks if you’re surrounded by miserable people!

Me on my 19th birthday, smiling through the suckiness.

5. You’re “lucky”

I’ve been told so many times that I’m so lucky to have a New Year’s birthday. “Aww, you’re a New Year’s day baby?” I’ve heard so many times too. How is it lucky to be born on such a rubbish day of the year? Although, if you look back at old music videos amongst other things, you always know what age you were in a certain year as you were the same age all year!

6. People think you’re younger

Growing up, people the same age as me always thought I was a lot younger than them just because I was born in a different year. Being so petite probably didn’t help either! I remember going to the shop on my 18th birthday to buy some alcohol. Looking at my ID, the woman behind the counter refused me. I had to remind her that it was New Year’s day and to do the maths. “Oh yeah”, she giggled dopily.

This could be a good thing in the future, though! It doesn’t bother me as much now I’m getting older, but as a child it felt really irritating.

7. Everyone’s hungover

Because people have been celebrating New Year’s Eve the night before, everyone is hungover on your birthday. Nobody’s awake until late either, as they’ve stayed up so late. This makes it feel like your birthday is shorter.

On a side note, if people are not hungover, they might be ill as 1st January is in the middle of cold and flu season. I spent my 21st birthday feeling rubbish. My 17th birthday sucked because my boyfriend (now husband) got a sickness bug.

My first birthday after buying our house was not great, as I spent the day feeling unwell.

8. Nobody’s around

It’s difficult to arrange anything for your birthday, because nobody’s around. People are away on holiday or still elsewhere in the country with family. Either that, or they make up excuses because they have no money and can’t afford to go out somewhere with you, which leads me onto my next point…

9. Everything’s closed

It’s difficult to find anywhere to go and celebrate your birthday. Almost everywhere is closed and anywhere that isn’t is often packed. I considered going to a board game cafe for my birthday this year. Of course, it’s closed until the following day. That said, pubs are often almost completely empty as nobody can face the thought of alcohol again!

Celebrating my 18th birthday in a pub which was empty except for two other patrons.

10. Rubbish weather

As if everything else wasn’t bad enough, it’s the middle of winter. As such, it’s always freezing, grey and raining. Yay.

So…I think I might reschedule my birthday to the summer next year!


P.s. It’s not your fault, Mum. I should have baked for another 3 weeks like I was supposed to!

PSST…check out this post for inspiration on how to celebrate your New Year’s Day birthday! 🙂 

15 thoughts on “10 Reasons why having a New Year’s Day Birthday sucks”

  1. My birthday’s in June, and I always remember having exams either on or just after it. That wasn’t much fun either!

    Despite your 10 reasons, I hope you had a good one!

  2. My birthday is just before Xmas and I always ended up with less presents happy belated birthday Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  3. Omg my birthday is New Year’s Day I relate so much and I’m turning 15 and I have no clue what to do most of my family will be on holiday ?

  4. Aww, that’s a shame! Maybe have a mini celebration, then celebrate properly when they’re not on holiday? 🙂

  5. My birthday is news years day as well. And i relate so much to this. everyones broke hung over nothings open. People forget. Christmas and birthday in one But i just tell myself that the day itself is for me the fireworks. Heck i even told some people i worked with at a telemarketing place that the business was closed jan 1 because it was my birthday. It was funny that wanted to request the close of the day of their birth. Finally had to tell the truth lol. But thats fun things i like to tell ppl.

  6. I can sooooo relate. My birthday is New Years as well and I tell people the same thing you posted and add. I hate that people wish me happy new years BEFORE they say happy birthday. They forget because they are caught up in partying and drinking so I don’t get wishes until the next day (that’s someone else’s birthday) and when I was younger my parents uses to give boring xmas candy in my party bags…uuugh

  7. First born in my state the comments get old fast I am in my late 30’s now and still everyone calls me the new year’s baby. I have never had a party never got announced at school(in America it’s a bit of a tradition) now I just hide in my room and watch my favorite show or dive into a book with my favorite bottle of wine. Hugs to all my birthday friends.

  8. My daughter is 8 on jan 1st and I think it’s so special but I feel what your saying! Try my best to make it lovely but Everywhere is shut too! We’ve been to the same few places that actually open for years! Lol

  9. Aww, Happy Birthday to your daughter! I had a great birthday last year and have become more accepting of it. It is what you make of it really, although it can be disappointing when you can’t have the people you want together or necessarily go to your first choice of place to celebrate on the actual day!
    I hope your daughter has a lovely day 🙂

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