Does Your Winter Wardrobe Look A Little Shabby? Advice For You

Pexels – CC0 License

Collaborative Post¦ It’s easiest for our winter wardrobes to become a little shabby over the years, for various reasons. To begin with, it may be that you only wear your thicker and more layered outfits when the weather is generally quite cold, on a mild day you may just wear autumn gear. On top of this, much winter clothing tends to veer towards darker tones, be that maroons, browns, dark greens, greys, and blacks. 

This means that wear and tear are harder to spot until you notice them. In addition, you may have stored your winter clothes in a storage box or other back area of your wardrobe until you need them, unlike other seasonal clothes you may have used for throughout the year.

If you notice that some of these clothes remain a little shabby, have no fear! There are multiple effective methods you can use to spruce them up or to exchange them for better alternatives. In this post, we’ll discuss some healthy advice you can use to get yourself there:

Revamp Your Jumper Collection

A wonderful jumper is an essential winter garment and can help you feel toasty even in icy conditions. That being said, most would agree that over time, even a well-kept jumper can start to look shabby. It might be that loose threats are starting to come out of the wrist, or perhaps you have holes from letting your cat jump on you too much. Now, an old jumper you relax in is no big deal, but it can be nice to invest in two or three nice options to complete an outfit when outside. You can also top this with a fantastic Moncler Gilet that helps add some robust protection without overbearing a thicker jumper by giving too much coverage to the arms.

Invest in Timeless Winter Boots

A wonderful pair of winter boots can complete any outfit and they feel amazing to wear. It’s true that because of how rugged it can be for boots in the winter, dealing with ice, snow, slush, and the other pressures of a cold season, your boots may need treatment or replacement entirely. It’s also wise to purchase a full boots cleaning kit which can help you treat the suede or other material and polish it back to health, while also adding that essential moisture protection for the best results.

Donate Unwanted Or Dated Items

If you have older items that you no longer want, that doesn’t mean there’s no use for them. Unwanted or dated items can be fantastic to donate to charity, or even to a homeless shelter. You never know who you might prevent from feeling bitterly cold this winter by giving away your older items, even if you need to sew a few holes before you do. This also spreads the festive cheer around and makes sure the world is just slightly more of a better place than it was.

With this advice, you’re certain to plan out a winter wardrobe and make adjustments where necessary – even if it looks a little shabby right now.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash