Pardon? Why You Need to Visit an ENT

Collaborative Post¦ When was the last time you caught yourself saying ‘pardon?’ to people when speaking to you? If you find that you are constantly asking people to repeat themselves, and you’re turning the TV up louder and louder, then the chances are good that you need to go and see an ENT. A hearing specialist will be able to help you with any reasons that your ears and hearing just aren’t working the way that they used to.

Hearing tests are often thought to be the standard for older people but it’s not just older people who are experiencing hearing loss. Even children can experience hearing loss and they do! Whether you need someone to help you in an emergency situation, or you are dealing with hearing loss, you need the best possible care. With the help of London Medical you can get that, but you need to know why you should go for an ENT appointment in the first place. We’ve put together a list of the most common reasons that people choose to see an ENT and here it is below:

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  1. Early detection of a problem. Even a little pain can indicate a lot and if you speak to an ENT early, you can be sure that any potential issues are ironed out early. Many people get their first hearing test when the damage is already done and it’s too late. Going for a hearing test shouldn’t be something out of the ordinary, not when you can book it as readily as a regular GP appointment. 
  2. Your ears stay healthy. Not all issues with the ears are going to damage your hearing. Healthy ears need to be the norm for you, too. Patients will wear earphones during a hearing test to check hearing but an ENT can also help with overall health. They can check the structure of your ears, ensure that you are not dealing with rashes or bumps and they will be able to help if there is any swelling, too.
  3. Prevention of all and any issues. Healing issues can lead to other issues such as dementia. If there is an onset of hearing loss, ENTs can work to prevent them from developing further. It can take a few years, but one test can make a big difference. From here, you can get the support that you need to get your hearing back on track. 
  4. You’ll improve your quality of life. When you speak to an ENT, you can make living so much better. You may not always have a perfect pair of ears that hear best, but that doesn’t mean that an ENT won’t be able to help you. They can get you back on track with your hearing and ensure that any issues discovered during hearing tests can be solved.

Speaking to an ENT is the smartest decision to make if you are having any issues with your hearing. From swelling and pain to rashes, an ENT is your next stop for your hearing!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Cover photo by Mizuno K