Review: CoComelon Best of Episodes

Gifted¦ On Saturday we were invited to Showcase Cinema de Lux Bluewater for the premiere of CoComelon: Best of Episodes. It’s always a wonderful experience going to watch films in the comfy reclining chairs with fantastic screen and sound. However, this occasion was particularly special. At 2 and a half years old, it was Reuben’s first cinema experience!

Waiting to watch CoComelon

Both children were excited to see that CoComelon characters JJ and Cody were there. Reuben was a little shy to meet them, but we got a nice family photo.

Sat around activity tables, you could feel the excitement and anticipation building up. This was definitely built up by a selection of CoComelon books, toys and colouring sheets!

My toddler’s first cinema experience

Reuben was enjoying himself so much, I thought we were going to have trouble getting him to leave the table. Luckily we were able to avoid any toddler tantrums and he happily headed to find a seat with us. As you can see in my Instagram reel above, both children quickly made themselves comfortable. Reuben’s little arm was casually draped over one of the armrests; it was so cute.

While people found their seats, Reuben was eagerly awaiting the showing. He kept pointing at the CoComelon logo on the screen and shouting “MELON!” After being welcomed and us all singing “Happy Birthday” to JJ, the showing began.

I was concerned about how well Reuben would sit and watch it. He hadn’t been to the cinema since I took him to a baby and parents screening when he was a few months old, so this was his first proper experience. However, he looked so comfortable the entire time and happily sat and watched the entire 45 minutes.

Goodie bags and reflection

We were kindly given CoComelon goody bags when we left, filled with a magazine, cookies and a toy.

As well as a thank you for attending, there was also a cute “My 1st cinema visit” certificate. Of course, I had to take Reuben’s photo with his on the red carpet!

Our visit to Showcase Cinema de Lux Bluewater was as fantastic as ever. All the facilities were lovely and clean and staff were friendly. As for CoComelon: Best of Episodes, I highly recommend it. Both children really enjoyed it and it was a perfect first cinema experience for a CoComelon loving toddler! It comes out this Friday, 21st July, so don’t miss it!

Disclosure: We attended the aforementioned event free of charge in exchange for coverage on the blog/social media. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.