Childs Play: Increasing Garden Safety

Collaborative Post¦ When you have small children you put lots of safety measures in place inside your house to keep them from harm. But do you do the same in your garden? We all want our kids to be able to relax and have fun outside but they can only do that if it’s safe.

Fencing & Gates

A secure fence around your garden and a lockable gate are both essential if you have young children. Kids are easily distracted and can wander out of the garden if unsupervised and there is open access.

The fence and gates should be high enough so that children are not able to climb over them.

Good quality fencing and gates also keep unwanted visitors out of your garden. 

Toxic Plants

Whenever you add plants to your garden or if you’re not sure what is growing there now check which are toxic to children. Very small children will put all sorts of things in their mouths so check each part of your garden for anything that could be poisonous to them.

Teach them from a young age not to eat anything they find in nature without checking with you first.

Water Features

Any water feature in your garden such as a pond should be fitted with secure grills high above the water surface. These grills should be strong enough to hold a child’s weight. 

If you don’t already have a water feature perhaps postpone installing one until your children are much older. Small children can drown in as little as 2 inches of water.

Play Equipment

Kids should be able to enjoy the garden as much as you do so you’ll probably install play equipment for them. Keep them safe in the event of tumbles from swings, slides and climbing frames by putting soft landing materials underneath. 

Sandpits are fun for little ones but cats love them too and will often use them as a toilet. Make sure the kids’ sandpit has a secure cover and check the sand before letting them play.


Kids love climbing and they may not always be content with sticking to the climbing frame. That enticing oak tree at the bottom of the garden presents a challenge that some kids can’t resist.

Make sure that you keep the lower branches of any trees trimmed so that children cannot get access to the tree. Tree trimming costs are a small price to pay for your children’s safety.

Garden Equipment

One of the most common causes of accidents in gardens is garden equipment. Injuries from power tools and cuts from sharp hand tools affect adults so you definitely don’t want your kids getting their hands on this equipment.

Make sure all your garden tools are safely locked away in a secure shed or garage where kids can get to them.

By treating our gardens with the same caution for use by children as we do our homes we can make sure that they can have fun in safety.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.