5 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

Collaborative Post¦ There’s not necessarily anything wrong with a small living room. They’re cheaper to heat, which would be welcome to anyone the way energy bills have gone up this winter! They can also be really cosy and inviting, while larger spaces can sometimes feel a little soulless. However, perhaps you want to make the room look bigger (which is also understandable). Here are some fantastic ways to maximise your space:

1. Be creative with storage

If you have clutter on display, it’ll make your living room look smaller. Having enough places to put things will help to keep the room tidy, helping to make it look larger. We love Kallax units from IKEA. You can fit so much into them in a fairly compact space. Plus, there are lots of options including doors, drawers and basket when it comes to customisation.

2. Get a frame TV

A TV on the wall rather than protruding or on a unit can also help the room look a lot bigger. Samsung the frame TVs hang flush to the wall with no visible wires. Better yet, you can choose stunning art or family photos to display on them.

3. Buy a large mirror

Having a mirror in the room will reflect and bounce light around, making it appear bigger. A large mirror is most effective – they can make rooms look almost double the size! However, any mirror will contribute to the illusion of a larger space.

4. Choose furniture carefully

It goes without saying that the furniture you choose makes a big difference to the room. If you need a lot of seating, an L shaped sofa is a good choice rather than separate sofa and armchair pieces. We were amazed at the difference at the space it made to the lounge in our old house when we did this!

Another good choice is to opt for furniture without arms. The arms on sofas and armchairs can take up a surprising amount of space! Armless furniture also looks more compact and streamlined, helping to make the room look bigger.

5. Avoid dark shades

Dark colours make things look smaller – that’s why black is well known to be slimming! To avoid making your room appear smaller, avoid dark walls, floors and furniture. That isn’t to say you need to avoid colour completely! Just make sure you keep it light and bright.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Reliant.