10 Reasons Why January is the Worst Month

I’ve been a bit quieter lately, largely because I’ve really been struggling with my SAD. It’s the worst it’s been for years…to the point where I have genuinely been struggling to get out of bed each day. I really don’t think the fact it’s been so cold helps! Last week I started to force myself to get out of the house and do things and I started to feel a lot like myself for it. Then I got some flu-like virus and now I’m back to square one. Ugh. January, it’s the worst and here’s why!

1. Taking down Christmas decorations

Taking down the decorations after Christmas just feels so sad. The festive fun is all over for another year! It looks miserable walking along the street now the houses aren’t all lit up and the house feels so bare.

2. It’s grey

It’s not just the decorations being down making the world feel miserable. Everything is just so grey and gloomy. Every day is overcast or rainy. Where is the sunshine?!

3. It’s cold

We often seem to have a colder snap as we come into this January. That has certainly been the case this year, with temperatures often dropping below freezing. Of course this winter would be colder than the last few as the bills have all gone up. Typical!

4. It’s dark

When you wake up to go to work it’s dark. When you leave work it’s dark. Yuck.

5. There’s nothing to make up for the grey, dark coldness

When Christmas is approaching and fun things are happening, I can totally forgive the horrible weather. For example, seeing the lights at Bedgebury was made all the more festive by the fact it was cold! But January? Nope.

6. It’s long

31 days!!!! Why do we need 31 days in January when it’s quite possibly the bleakest month?! I propose that we add a 31st day to June instead.

7. Everyone’s skint

Nobody has any money after Christmas, so you can’t cheer yourself up with a nice meal out or retail therapy. Plus, payday is often earlier in December which makes it even worse! January payday takes SO LONG to come around. You’re definitely not alone if you’re pretty much living on beans on toast and jacket potatoes for the last week.

8. Peer pressure to do challenges

No Wendy, I do not want to join in with veganuary/dry january. This month is miserable af, I am not going to deliberately cause myself more misery! What is life without a little cheese and wine?

9. Feeling like a potato

While I’m not going to deny myself anything I enjoy in a month like January, wow do I feel like a human potato after eating all that yummy Christmas food. Then I see all the annoying smarmy fitness adverts coming up on my socials because they know we’re all human potatoes.

10. Tax returns

Ew. Anyone who is self-employed knows just how fun tax returns are. To add insult to injury, January is the deadline. Thank goodness my lovely husband helped with mine so it’s already been submitted.