Review: Hydria Life Fountain Kit

(Gifted)¦ When I attended BlogOn conference a couple of months ago, I saw so many great brands and products. One that left the biggest impression was the Hydria Life Fountain Kit. I’ve always loved fountains. In fact, I begged my parents to get one as a kid after seeing water features week after week on Ground Force. They look and sound so relaxing and make the perfect addition to any garden. However, I’ve never had one as it seemed like a lot of hassle and expense. This is where the beauty of the Hydria Life Fountain Kit comes in. It’s so easy to set up and there’s no need for any cables or solar. Even better, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors! Find out more below – and enter the giveaway for the chance to win one of your own!

What comes in the Hydria Life Fountain Kit?

The Hydria Life Fountain Kit comes in a very nice box, perfect for gifting. All you need to do is pop a bow on it! It contains everything you need to easily set up a fountain for indoor or outdoor use in as little as 10 minutes!

The fountain kit usually retails at £199.99. However, if you use the code AUTUMN yours will only cost £149.99 AND you’ll get a free collectible too. That’s a huge saving of £75!*

It includes two different heads and extenders, everything you need for cleaning and even a mini spirit level! All you need is a pot 30cm or more in diameter, some soil or sand and any decorations you would like to use! (Alternatively, you can use Hydria’s fountain builder to choose a pot there).

Setting up the Hydria Life

Be mindful that the pot will end up quite heavy after you’ve set it up. As such, put it where you want it first. Don’t make the mistake I did of setting it up and then needing to move it! (Luckily, my lovely husband was on hand to help. Phew!)

I filled the bottom of the pot with some old bricks. Then I filled the rest of the space with sand and placed in the Hydria water pot, putting more sand around the edges.

It was almost time to see the fountain in action for the first time! I popped the unit into the Hydria water pot and filled water up to just above the unit. (I’d charged the unit before using it. This usually takes around 8 hours, but the first charge didn’t actually take that long!) After a bit of a swish to release air bubbles, I put the tray on top and decorated with some stones.

Once I’d popped the fountain head on (which is really easy to do and change), it was time to put it to the test! After holding the power button on the remote control for 4 seconds, it sprung into life!

It looked and sounded beautiful. Playing with the remote control, it was really easy to alter the settings. I experimented with changing between the 3 different heights of the water and the colour of the lights. These LEDs go red, blue or green and look beautiful in the dark! It’s great having a remote control to change the settings through the window or from across the room depending on your mood.

Does it have a timer?

Yes! On the remote, you can choose to put your Hydria Life fountain on for 1, 2 or 3 hours.

How long does the battery last?

The battery can last for up to 2 months, depending on how much you use your fountain! This is based on it being used for 2 hours a day. The total battery life if continuously used is a brilliant 150 hours! Then it’s just a case of charging it for 8 hours and you’re good to go again.

Is it good quality?

Yes, all the components feel really good quality. Everything is thought of! The only thing I would possibly change is the remote control as it felt a little laggy when I was switching between things testing everything out. However, it wouldn’t bother me in daily use.

Can I use any pot?

Yes, you can use any pot you would like as long as it’s 30cm or more in diameter! I chose a simple metal pot for now as I’ll be using my Hydria Life indoors over the winter. I’m planning on choosing a more elaborate pot in the spring and placing it outdoors with the flowers on my patio!

Can you customise it more?

Yes! You can use decorative stones or mosaic tiles to decorate around the fountain. The kit comes with two fountain heads and there are also collectible fountain heads. These include pebbles, an elephant, fairy toadstool, a rustic pump and Christmas snowman!

I absolutely adore the Hydria Life. I think it’s a brilliant product and I love that it is so low cost and low maintenance, as well as the fact that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you live in a flat you could create an indoor garden using one and some house plants. I find it so relaxing curling up with a book near to mine. Who needs a spa?!

I also really like how customisable it is, so you can change how it looks depending on your mood or decor! It’s no wonder it won New Product of the Year 2022 at GLEE.

It would be the perfect gift for parents for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries…or even just to treat yourself! Just remember to use the discount code AUTUMN 🙂

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