Fun New Activities to Try as a Family

Brought to you by Ella Woodward¦ If you are stuck in a rut in terms of your family activities at the weekend or want to shake up how you spend time together, then maybe it’s time to discover a new family activity — something fun that you can all do together, perhaps for the first time, to make memories and bond. Here are some ideas of fun new things you can try as a family.


If you’ve never been skiing before, or perhaps you have but have never taken your kids, then this is a great activity to all do together. It’s a chance to get outdoors and possibly discover a new country. Take a ski holiday to France, for example, and there will be options that are perfect for beginners and experts alike. It’s a fun way to spend time together, bond and laugh at how many times each person has fallen over. You never know, you may take to the slopes like a duck to water. Take a look at Skiline if you want to book a holiday at a ski resort in Europe, North America or even Japan. You can learn more about Skiline and all the packages they offer to families.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is probably more for the warmer weather; however, it’s another opportunity to all get outside into nature as a family. It’s possible to hire boards and try paddle boarding before you invest in all the kit, but it’s great fun to do either on the sea or a river. There are also lakes around the country that offer paddle boarding lessons. You can take the kids easily out on the front of the board, but just make sure you’re all wearing life jackets. It really is a lovely way to spend some quality, relaxing time together outside. There’s nothing better than paddling down a quiet river on a sunny day listening to the birds and watching the swans swim by.


If you’ve not tried geocaching before, it’s a kind of global treasure hunt for the digital age that involves using a GPS system to find hidden caches at different coordinates around the country. You are often looking for a small box hidden outdoors. Using your hand-held GPS device and a free geocaching app you have to try and find these boxes. People often leave a little trinket inside them, so if you take it, be sure to replace it with something else. If you don’t want to travel quite so far, then you can often find more local places to try geocaching in the woods or at a park.


Another great way to get outdoors with the family is to try camping. Try your hand at outdoor living; cook over a campfire, tell stories to each other and sleep under the stars (or perhaps under canvas). You don’t even have to go far; you can always pitch up in your back garden for a weekend adventure. If camping doesn’t sound that appealing, then you could always try glamping instead, where you are offered slightly more luxury in a tent that is already set up for you which normally contains proper beds.

So, if you are looking for a bit more adventure as a family and want to try something new, there are some excellent ideas here which can help you all get outside and bond over learning something new together.