Keeping Kids Busy and Happy During the Winter Months

Collaborative Post¦ Winter can be a long, dreary and rather dull season for many people. Many of the activities and events you look forward to in the warm months aren’t available and the weather can be far from inspiring. Now add kids to the equation, and trying to keep them busy and happy during these cold and damp days can seem next to impossible. And as any parent knows, a bored kid isn’t always easy to deal with and can often get into mischief.

To ensure this winter is a smooth one for the whole household, here are some of the best ways to keep kids busy and happy all season long.

Ask Kids to Make an Activity List

While much of the planning will be up to parents, the children shouldn’t be left out of the conversation. Asking them what they want to do can be very helpful. You may not even realise what they consider fun or exciting. Perhaps you are a foster parent and this is the first winter your foster child will be spending with you. You don’t know what they enjoy doing in the winter months, and maybe they even have a few traditions.

Foster agencies such as even offer a winter bonus payment for foster parents. This bonus payment could be put towards activities, entrance fees and other fun purchases.

Get Outdoors and Enjoy the Weather

Because fresh air is so important to the health of kids, it’s important to fight the urge to retreat indoors during winter. Although there will be days when heading outside isn’t ideal, there can also be lovely winter days when playing outside if dressed properly is a fantastic plan.

Generally speaking, kids should get 60-90 minutes of outdoor time daily and that includes the winter months. They can engage in free play, or you can set up a game or activity. Even something simple like a winter walk or hike that allows them to explore the wildlife is great.

Winter Festivals Are a Must-Visit

Another winter activity is to check out the many festivals and carnivals that happen throughout the winter. The Christmas-themed festivals are especially popular with many offering spectacular outdoor light displays. Check out your local calendar of events and that of the neighbouring cities and towns.

Teach Kids to Cook and Bake

Here’s an activity that is both fun and educational, as learning how to cook is considered a life skill. Winter is the perfect time of year to teach kids a few simple comfort food recipes. And what kid doesn’t love baking and decorating cookies, cakes and pies?

Tap Into Their Creative Side with Crafts

And what about those especially cold days when you prefer to stay warm and comfortable indoors? Those are perfect for crafting projects. Crafting gives kids a chance to be creative, use their imagination and problem-solving skills, and helps them to focus. You may want to stock up on crafting supplies and keep them in a storage bin so you have everything on hand when needed.

Thanks to these activities and ideas, winter with the kids can be very enjoyable and there are plenty of ways to keep them busy.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.