9 Things No One Ever Tells You About Wedding Planning

Collaborative Post¦ Nothing prepares you for the thousands of questions and general anxiety that accompany planning a wedding. Whatever anyone says, planning a wedding is a tedious task requiring time, decisions, and patience. 

You might have planned everything from the menu to the tablecloths and music, but even the most organised wedding has a few surprises. Some of these surprises can’t be avoided. However, it never hurts to be ready for anything. So, below is a list of some little details concerning wedding planning that nobody tells you.

1. Planning A Casual Wedding Requires The Same Amount Of Effort As Planning A Fancy One

Whether planning a simple or glamorous wedding, you will still need to make several decisions, consider several facts, and, of course, put in several hours, days, and months to ensure it is a success. No wedding is easier to plan. You would still be required to put in a generous amount of time for its success, so you might as well go with your dream wedding, be it a fairy-tale, garden, or vintage wedding.

2. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

You would be surprised that certain words are superlative when planning a wedding. An example is the word “classic”. One mistake soon-to-be brides make while planning their wedding is to assume that everyone shares their meaning of a classic theme or design.

Your definition of a classic wedding might be on a yacht or the beach, while that of your planner might mean a ballroom with ornate décor. Additionally, this can mean something entirely different for your florist. So, to avoid having an aesthetic that doesn’t match your day, learn to speak with pictures of what you mean. This way, both time and money are saved.

3. Be Prepared For At Least One Almighty Stress-out

When it comes to unexpected stress, you can never be too prepared. Stress factors are endless in wedding planning and come up when you least expect them, even on your D-day. It could either be an email from the DJ letting you know that they were double booked or your caterer who can’t seem to explain why the menu looks different from what is being served. This is why it is essential everything is sorted out, including wedding entertainment ideas that will leave your guests smiling all the way home after the beautiful event.

4. You Will Become Very Emotional

Despite the joy and bliss associated with weddings, planning the actual event can be quite emotionally demanding. Your emotions will run wild with the stress, panic, and much to do. Don’t be surprised when you randomly cry over something simple and insignificant like pink peonies not being in season, colour patterns, or getting upset over wedding entertainment ideas. When this happens, just let the emotion flow, then let go. This also signifies that you need a wedding planning break, so go ahead and take one.

5. At Least One Unexpected Expense Will Pop Up

When planning a wedding, you will no doubt work with a budget in mind. However, you shouldn’t be surprised that unexpected expenses can pop up from nowhere. In specific venues, you must pay a fee for the cake cutting. Yes, cake-cutting. 

You might also need to make last-minute payments for items you thought you could pay for next week. To solve this, try as much as possible to add a little wiggle room into your budget, so these unexpected expenses don’t ruin your other budgets.

6. Spats Will Happen

You should be prepared to learn that your groom may not care about things you thought he would while planning the wedding. You might discover that he doesn’t care how the wedding hall is decorated, the wedding entertainment ideas, or the reception music. This can also work both ways; in some cases, the groom-to-be might care about little things you would never dream of, like colours, flowers, or even tablecloths.

So, when you have a minor couple fight, remember that you are all on the same team. The wedding is just a one-day event while marriage is a lifetime, so which is more important? Therefore, schedule a regular romantic time out that will help you both unwind from planning.

7. Everyone Has An Opinion To Offer

When it comes to weddings, everyone becomes an expert on how your wedding should be. Don’t be surprised that you will be told what to do and what not to do at the wedding. However, it is your wedding and your day, so you can listen to their opinion and not put it into use unless you want to. Instead, decide what you want for your wedding and go after it. After all, it is your special day.

8. Finding A Wedding Dress Is Stressful

Finding the perfect wedding dress is an emotional experience. There is delight and happiness when you see the dress of your dreams, but there are also the hours spent trying to find it. You will change your style several times and find your dream gown in various fabrics. Plus, trying out several wedding dresses stops being fun after a while.

9. Everything Is More Expensive Than You Think

Almost everything concerning weddings is expensive, aside from the exchange of vows. You would be surprised to learn that food, drinks, venues, even wedding dresses cost a fortune. Additionally, the little things cost a lot too when added together. So it is best to set a budget and work within your means.


Even though planning your wedding can be chaotic, once the wedding is over, you’ll feel wonderful and relieved. All the ups and downs during the planning process will have been well worth it.

These unanticipated surprises and small arguments enhance the joy of a wedding. You’ll look back and realise that all the mistakes you made won’t matter in the end as long as your day is as lovely as you anticipated as family and friends gather to celebrate the joy of your marriage. So, savour every second of it.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.