What Do You Need in Your Horse’s Grooming Kit?

Collaborative Post¦ Whether you’ve been riding for a while and are getting your first horse or are thinking of buying or loaning a pony for your kids, there’s a lot to learn when you take this first step up. And one of the main things that you will need to learn is what is included in a horse grooming kit and what each piece of equipment is used for. While there are lots of fancy things that you can get for your horse’s grooming kit, most first-time horse owners will be fine with just the basics for starting out. Here’s what you need for your horse’s grooming kit, and what all the different brushes and other items are used for.

Dandy Brush

This is a stiff bristled brush that is typically used for brushing the dried dirt and stubborn stains off your horse. It’s usually the first brush that you will use when grooming and shouldn’t be used on sensitive areas like the face. Find a great selection of dandy brushes and other grooming brushes at Horseware stores across Britain and Europe. Horseware offer all the basics you will need for getting your first horse kitted out.

Rubber Curry Comb

Instead of a dandy brush, you might want to use a rubber curry comb. Alternatively, you can use a plastic curry comb. This is an oval-shaped piece of equipment with small plastic or rubber teeth that are great for scrubbing off any tough, dried dirt, getting rid of stains, and removing loose hairs in the summer when your horse is beginning to shed their winter coat. You can use it with a dandy brush or in place of it.

Body Brush

This is a soft brush that is typically used after the dandy brush or curry comb. Once you have gotten rid of any dried dirt and tough stains, the body brush is used for polishing your horse’s coat and cleaning away any milder stains and dirty patches. As you go, you will need a metal curry comb, which is used for cleaning the body brush. Just drag the curry comb through the brush to remove loose hairs and dirt to avoid brushing them back onto your horse.

Mane and Tail Comb

You can use a body brush on the mane and tail, but some people like using a mane and tail comb for detangling. You can also get mane and tail detangler brushes to use which can be quite helpful if your horse is prone to getting their mane or tail very tangled up in the field. Use with baby oil or a detangling spray to avoid ripping the hair out and get the best results.

Hoof Pick

Finally, you should have a hoof pick to keep your horse’s hooves clean. Pick the hooves around the sensitive frog, which is a fleshy, triangle-shaped area underneath the hoof. A hoof pick with a brush attached is best as this makes it easier to brush any stubborn debris away.

Grooming isn’t just important for keeping your new horse clean, but it will also help with bonding. These are the basics you will need in your grooming kit to get started.

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