Review: Oliver’s Cupboard Organic Baby Food

Review – Gifted¦ Bored of bland baby food? Read on! Things get messy and fun when you’re starting to wean your baby. Reuben, who has just turned 1, was a bit later to the game than his sister. I’m not sure whether it’s because he is breastfed or if it’s just a coincidence, but he just wasn’t as interested in food as Autumn. He only really started eating things properly when he was about 10 and a half months old. Even now, he’s quite fussy and if he’s too tired or teething he won’t really eat anything that’s not smooth. That said, I’m keen to give him as much of a variety of flavours as I can. Autumn is very hesitant about any sort of spice. I wonder if it’s because I kept what she ate quite bland and not especially diverse for the first 3 or so years of her life. That’s why I was delighted to find Oliver’s Cupboard organic baby weaning food. Nutritiously balanced, these pouches contain flavourful meals which take inspiration from all over the world!


There are currently 6 flavours in the range. Even to an adult they sound delicious! Plus, they have no added salt or sugar and have organic ingredients.

Oliver's Cupboard Baby Weaning Pouches flavours


A mild Indian curry full of vegetables, rice and chicken in a mild Korma sauce with gentle Pilau spices


A Malaysian dish containing vegetables, noodles & chicken in a delicately spiced coconut & lemongrass sauce

Salmon Bahia

A Brazilian inspired stew made with vegetables, rice & salmon in a tomato sauce, with coconut and gentle spices

Tom Yum

A Thai inspired recipe featuring red peppers, green beans, rice & salmon in a coconut, ginger & lemongrass sauce

Vegetable Koshari

An Egyptian inspired dish made with organic carrot, sweet potato, rice, chickpeas & lentils in a tomato sauce with delicate aromatic spices

Vegetable Sambar

A Sri Lankan inspired recipe containing green beans, butternut squash, cauliflower & red lentils with rice in a coconut and mild masala sauce

What Reuben Thought

Reuben has been really curious about trying each of the flavours and for the most part has seemed to enjoy them! I’ve enjoyed introducing his taste buds to different flavours too.

Currently, his favourite seems to be Tom Yum. It does smell really good!

Happy baby eating Oliver's Cupboard weaning food

Where To Buy

Oliver’s Cupboard pouches are suitable for babies 7 months and above as they’re mostly smooth but do have little bits in them to encourage chewing. They’re halal, dairy free and half the range is also gluten free!

You can purchase them from Ocado,Amazon or their website for £1.60 each. I’m sure your little ones will enjoy their taste buds taking an adventure around the globe too!

Disclosure: I was gifted the aforementioned items for the purpose of this review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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