Things You Might be Worried About, But You Aren’t Alone

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Collaborative Post¦ Being a woman has always been challenging. You raise a family, manage the household and cook the meals. And that’s without worrying about sexual harassment and being paid less than male counterparts – even this day and age. But being female is also a powerful position despite what some people say. Women are providers, carers and lovers. It is helpful to remember these qualities. In the worst times, you can alleviate some of the more concerning stresses. 

Hair Loss and Thinning

Losing hair, receding or thinning is common for men, but women can also experience hair loss. However, while hair loss for men is genetic, other factors cause hair loss in 1 in 4 women globally. For example, low iron, birth control pills and childbirth can contribute to thinning hair in women. Fortunately, you can take iron supplements and switch your BCP. In addition, hair loss treatment such as with Minoxidil products are also effective in replacing lost hair.

Gaining Weight

The big one, so to speak; weight gain. The unfair and media-centric view of what a beautiful woman should look like causes untold misery for women of all ages, from pre-teen girls to senior citizens. As a result, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia have almost doubled globally since 2000. And being underweight is just as dangerous as obesity. Moderate exercise and a calorie-controlled diet are the best ways of managing weight, but remember, you are who you are. No magazine can tell you how you should look.

Career Being Halted by Pregnancy

Societal advancement now means that women are more career-oriented than ever. As a result, some younger mothers delay childbirth. Tragically, this is sometimes left too late. The best time to conceive is in your mid-20s, which, unfortunately, coincides with putting the most effort into your job. However, legally, your employer cannot fire you for becoming pregnant. And you can take legal action if any sanctions are placed upon your progress for doing so.

Breast and Cervical Cancer 

It is hard to believe that even in the 21st century, cancer still plagues the planet. Around 10 million people die from cancer each year globally. Approximately 600,000 of these are women who die from reproductive cancers. As shocking as this statistic is, survivors experience the trauma and medical issues as part of the overall fallout. Mastectomy and pelvic exenteration are life-changing surgeries that no woman wants. However, living a very healthy life, such as regular exercise, healthy eating and staying away from drugs and alcohol, can help prevent cancer.

Stress and Anxiety

The everyday traumas placed on people, not just women, can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. While these aren’t excessively harmful themselves, they can lead to more significant affiliations such as depression. Fortunately, there are many ways you can relieve stress; some are instant and short term, some require time and effort but with lasting results. For example, simple thighs like taking a bath with essential oils can help de-stress. More effective methods include exercise, yoga and meditation, all of which lower cortisol and increase serotonin.

An Unfaithful Partner

Unfaithful relations are a nightmare for anyone to deal with. Not only does it represent disrespect for a partner, but it can completely destroy a family home. Additionally, there is always the possibility of sexually transmitted infections. Finally, an affair destroys the trust of a marriage or long-term relationship, resulting in loneliness, feeling of betrayal and conditions. While every situation is different, you can take steps such as full and frank communication, moving forward and relationship counselling.

Lack of Empowerment

If recent movements such as #MeToo has proven anything, women are strong characters who won’t be silenced any longer. Slowly but surely, women worldwide of every race and religion are becoming empowered with self-assurance and demanded respect. You no longer need to fear not being heard, not presented a fair chance of being subject to outdated attitudes. Rules and regulations are in the process of modernization, with women and people of colour at the forefront. But you need to stand up for yourself and others to be heard.

In Summary

Women all over the world are becoming more self-assured, confident and empowered. However, we all have everyday worries, and whether you are male or female, you are still human. Therefore, worrying about specific things is normal. It’s what you do that counts. For medical cases, always seek professional help and advice. But for the most part, you can help yourself by enjoying a healthy lifestyle with exercise, fresh food and de-stressing techniques.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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